Howard Family Association
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Volume No. 1 ~ Issue No. 1 ~ December 1998 ~ Jennifer Bailey, Editor
Introducing the 1998 - 2000 Howard Family Association
Officers, Coordinators and Committee Members
President/Webmaster:  Ric Howard < >
Website Committee:  Michelle Howard, Nancy Ford Howard, Don Howard, and Donna Russell
Vice President:  Marguerite Prince Songy < >
Treasurer:  Leona L. Gustafson  < >
Secretary/Membership Chairman:  Patricia Howard  < >
Membership Committee: Donna Cawiezell and Janis Nelson
Family Historian:  Nancy Ford Howard  < >
History Committee:  Larry Howard, Sandra Howard and Dana Rambler
Newsletter Editor:  Jennifer Bailey < >
            Newsletter Committee:  Judy Howard, Dana Rambler, Paula H. Thompson, and Shay Turner
Volunteer Coordinator:  Robin Howard Lowery  < >
Reunion Coordinator:  Cynthia  < >
Reunion Committee:  Janis Nelson, Donna Russell, and Patricia Laird Howard
Special Projects Coordinator:  PERSON NEEDED FOR THIS POSITION
Special Projects Committee:  Steve Watts
Message From The President….
Now that the first Howard Family Association (HFA) Newsletter is out, we can now show everyone what the HFA is all about. Hopefully, there will be beneficial information for some of you.
The HFA is growing daily and we hope to grow information wise. The important thing to remember is this is the HFA Members Association, NOT mine, NOT the HFA Officers or Committee Leaders. We only try to organize the Association. We welcome any input that you may have. So, send any ideas or comments to me by e-mail ( or snail mail.( 10857 Amherst Ave. #302 , Wheaton , MD 20902 ) and I will bring it up in the Executive Meeting.
The plan is to get enough members to enable us to get discounts from businesses just by showing the HFA Membership Card. We are far from that point right now, but growing rapidly.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of the HFA Officers, Committee Leaders, and Committee Members for their time and hard work in getting the HFA going. And a special thanks to Ramonyca Howard for her assistance in multiple areas. Also, a special thanks to our HFA Newsletter Editor, Jen Bailey; our Volunteer Coordinator, Robin Howard Lowery; our Family Historian, Nancy Ford Howard; and our Membership Coordinator, Patricia Laird Howard; for their hard work and dedication.
In ending, I hope you all enjoy the first HFA Newsletter, which is being given to anyone as a complimentary copy. Lets make this the biggest Howard Family that we can and help one another in our research.
Thank You,
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, President/Webmaster
Note from the Editor…..
Hello all,
I am hoping that our first endeavor to create a informative and useful newsletter has been successful.  I would like to thank the Newsletter Staff; Judy, Paula, Shay, and Dana; for all their hard work and time in helping me put it together.  If you have any suggestions on what you would like to see in the newsletter, please don’t hesitate to write.  The newsletter is so that the HFA can keep you, the members, informed on what’s going on within the Association and hopefully to help you find connections with others researching your Howard lines.  The HFA Quarterly News will be sent out via e-mail unless otherwise stated by HFA member.  If you wish for a hard copy of the newsletter, please send a note to me at < > with your name and postal address.  This first issue is a complimentary issue and will be sent to all those who ask.  For additional newsletters, you must be a member.
Thank you,
Jen Bailey, Newsletter Editor
821 47th Street South
Great Falls , MT   59405-5723
Contents of Newsletter
Þ      Howard Family Association Announcements
Þ      Howard Members Family Announcements
Þ      Down Memory Lane
Þ      Members Share
Þ      Members and Their Earliest Known Howard Ancestor
Þ      Queries
Þ      Membership Information
~ Howard Family Association Announcements ~
WE NEED VOLUNTEERS!  Do you have a couple of hours each week to dedicate to Howard Family Research?  Would you like to play an active role in the HFA?  If so, please contact Robin Howard Lowery, Volunteer Coordinator, at  <>, for more information on volunteering with HFA.
We still need volunteers on the following Committees: Fundraising, this Committee also needs a Coordinator; History; Reunion; Membership; Web Site; Special Projects, this Committee also needs a Coordinator; Volunteer, this Committee also needs a Coordinator.
If you would like to volunteer, please email Robin at or wish to become a member, please email Patricia Laird Howard, Membership Chairperson, at
Thank you,
Robin Howard Lowery, Volunteer Coordinator
Below you will find responsibilities of each Committee and a progress report from each Committee Coordinator.
Responsibilities of the Web Site Committee:

The Web site Committee Volunteers are assigned one or more committees to create and maintain the web pages for those committees. They work with the Committee Leader getting what information they would like to have posted there. The volunteer may create and modify the web pages in whatever application they choose and then email me the finished project to me uploaded (and linked when necessary) to the HFA Web Site.  Many volunteers are needed so that each Committee can have the necessary web pages created, maintained and updated when needed.
Responsibilities of the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining membership records of the organization, and to find ways to attract new members.  Membership committee members shall be assigned different tasks to accomplish these goals.
*Report on the Membership Committee*
The Membership Committee is proud to announce that the Howard Family Association has grown to a total of 91 members. Most of the HFA members resides within the boundaries of the United States , while several HFA members are living in Australia , Belgium , England and New Zealand . The Membership Committee will continue to keep everyone posted on the gradual growth of the Howard Family Association.
Patricia Howard, Membership Coordinator
Responsibilities of the Newsletter Committee
Each Newsletter Committee Volunteer is assigned a section of the Newsletter, in which he or she will collect, compile and submit information to the editor for placement in the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is a quarterly publication in which HFA Members can share information with other HFA Members. 
Responsibilities of the Reunion Committee
The Reunion Committee will plan the HFA Annual Reunion.  They will find a central location for which the reunion is to be held and coordinate all activities for the reunion.
*Report from the Reunion Committee*
The Howard Family Association will be holding the HFA Family Reunion in Oklahoma City , OK . At present, we are looking at the first weekend in June of '99. 
The following hotel/motel chains have facilities here:
Holiday Inn, Howard Johnson, LaQuinta, Comfort Inn, Motel 6, Westin, Marriott, AmeriSuites, Stratford House to name a few of them.
Some ideas of what the
Reunion will consist of are listed below.
Friday night arrival.
Sat. morning @
9:00 a.m. meet for breakfast at the Kettle restaurant.
11:00 go to the zoo or (possible tour of Murrah Building Museum )
2:30 National Cowboy Hall of Fame
6:00 p.m. Frontier City
Sunday morning..
1:00 p.m. tour Omniplex Science and Aviation Museum
Another idea would be a picnic or cookout on that Saturday.
If anyone has any other ideas on the date or activities for the HFA Reunion, please send email to Cindy at or write to:
Ric Howard
10857 Amherst Ave. #302
Wheaton , MD 20902-4348

Lets make this a great and memorial reunion.

Responsibilities of the History Committee
The History Committee volunteer may be asked to maintain files, organize family sheets, keep a card index of all Howard descendants and their spouses, compile and write biographical records, family histories and personal histories of Howard progenitors and descendants, and help with the Howard lineage book to be published by the family organization.
*Report from the History Committee*
Greetings! As the Family Historian, I'm gathering Howard family records in GEDCOM form so please be aware of this when you start sending your information to me. Instead of sending it via e-mail, please save it to a disk and drop it in the mail. It'll take up less space on my hard drive that way. My snail mail address is below. Please include a hard copy, i.e., Family Group Sheets, that'd be just dandy, too. Also, please be as clear as possible as to where your family is from. I may have Howard's from VA, AL, GA and IA all represented (with the same names) but won't have a clue as to who goes with who. <G> Well, that's all for this issue. I'd love to hear from y'all so drop me a line anytime!
Nancy Howard Ford, HFA Family Historian
1736 Oak Haven Drive, SW
Marietta , GA 30008-4340
Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee  (Coordinator Needed)
The Fund-Raising Committee is responsible for generating ideas to raise funds for the Association expenses. Once the fund-raising activities have been agreed upon this committee plans, coordinates and implements the various projects.
*Report from the Fundraising Committee*
The Howard Family Association Cookbook will be the first Fund-Raising Committee project. We are asking everyone to submit one or more recipes (or kitchen tidbits) for the HFA Cookbook. All submissions can be emailed or snail mailed to Ric Howard at: 
EMAIL:  or 
Ric Howard
10857 Amherst Ave. #302
Wheaton , MD 20902-4348

The Cookbook is expected to be out by the middle of 1999 and is estimated to cost $6.00 each. All recipes need to be submitted by
March 1, 1999 . If you have any questions, please contact Ric Howard by email or snail mail.

~ Howard Family Announcements ~
If you have a Howard Family Announcement (Birth, Death, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or other) please send to Judy Howard, e-mail her at
·         On the 10th of November, 1998 , Ron and Jennifer (Howard) Bailey celebrated their 14th Wedding Anniversary.
·         Our condolences go to Shay Turner, on the sudden death of her brother-in-law. Our thoughts are with her and her family.
~ Down Memory Lane ~
If you have a Howard Family Story or any other interesting items concerning a Howard Family please send to Dana Rambler at
Compiled by Dana Rambler--
This column has been created to publish interesting stories about "Howards".  As this is the debut of this article, as well as, not having received submissions for this article I will be attempting to entertain you with my own version of Down Memory Lane . 
    Upon the realization that I may be writing this column I began to research famous or interesting people with the surname Howard.  To my surprise, or maybe because I had never been a big fan, I found that The Three Stooges, three of the originals, are Howards.  Moe, Shemp and a later addition Curly are brothers.  There were two other brothers who were not in show business.
    In researching these comedians I learned a lot about the field of comedy and the individuals of this particular family.  I wondered briefly what it would be like to find that I was a descendant of these Howard brothers.  I think many genealogists begin with the fantasy of finding they are related to someone famous or well known.  My first thought was no thank you, not these guys.  I have now learned that this was a shallow response based solely on the known public persona. 
    The Three Stooges starred in over 200 two-reelers over a 24-year period.  This is listed as the longest running film series of all time.  The first Three Stooges consisted of Moe, Shemp and Larry Fine.  Shemp, after the first film left the group and went out on his own.  Curly joined Moe and Larry to become the most famous trio of the Three Stooges.  Through the years for various reasons there would be a number of others who would replace one of three.  
    As often happens in genealogy research I found that the infamous Howard brothers were not actually Howards at all.  As this may be disappointing to some, do not despair.  All of the descendants from the brothers carry the Howard surname.  Oftentimes family names may change several times over generations for reasons unknown to those who follow later.
    Moe Howard was born Moses Harry Horwitz, June 19, 1897 in Bensonhurst , New York .  Moe never completed his high school education.  He attended a trade school to train as an electrician, but his love of the stage was his call.  He married Helen Schonberger, June 7, 1925 , known to be a cousin to Harry Houdini.  They had two children, Joan and Paul.  Moe died May 4, 1975 at 78 years of age.  Moe's autobiography, originally titled "I Stooged to Conquer", retitled "Moe Howard & The Three Stooges", was completed and published by his widow and children in 1977.  He is buried in Hillside Memorial Park in Los Angeles , CA in an outdoor mausoleum.  The marker reads only Moses Howard 1897-1975. 
    Shemp Howard was born Samuel Horwitz, March 17, 1895 in Brooklyn , New York .  He too did not complete his education and attended the same trade school as Moe to train as a plumber but felt the call of the footlights.  When Shemp decided to go it alone, not as a Stooge, it is said that his true talent emerged.  It is written that he was a truly excellent comedian though stifled when part of the Three Stooges.  He did quite well alone and only speculation will ever predict just how much he may have achieved.  Due to Curly's health problems, Moe asked Shemp to return to the Stooge trio as Curly's replacement, which he did.  He married Gertrude "Babe" Frank in 1925.  They had one son, Morton in 1927.  On November 23, 1955 Shemp went to a boxing event with a close friend.  Afterwards in the taxi ride home Shemp sits back, lights a cigar then falls over into his friends lap dead of a heart attack.  He was sixty years old.  After his death four old films were released with a few new scenes added using Shemp’s double (whose face is never seen) each being given new titles.  He is buried in Home of Peace Memorial Park in Los Angeles , CA in the main mausoleum.  The marker is in the name Shemp Howard rather than the given name of Samuel.
    Curly Howard was born Jerome Horwitz, October 22, 1903 in Bath Beach , Brooklyn , New York .  He is considered the most liked of the three.  Curly joined the Three Stooges when Shemp decided to go it alone.  As his role he was asked to shave off a full head of curly hair, hence the nickname, and a mustache that he was quite attached to.  He was known to remark numerous times over the years that he felt as though he had been stripped of his masculinity and looked like a child without hair.  He was known to always wear a hat in public.  There are varying accounts of Curly’s personality, most leading to a trouble man.  He was married four times, the first annulled after six months due to his mothers insistence that he was too young.  The name of his first wife is a mystery to this very day.  Curly married Elaine Ackerman in 1937.  They had a daughter, Marilyn in 1938.  They divorced July 11, 1940 .  He then married Marion Buxbaum October 17, 1945 at the urging of Moe who was concerned about Curly's detrimental lifestyle.  Three months later, January 4, 1946 , after constant arguments and unending problems Curly filed for divorce.  It was to be a scandalous divorce over eight months with Marion fighting to take everything.  It is written that she married Curly simply to take advantage of him and did so at a very high price.  Curly's off-screen drinking habits, reinforced by his marital problems, began impairing his health during the 40's.  Curly's last film as a Stooge was a remake of Hoi Polloi, entitled Half Wits Holiday (1946).  He suffered a stroke during the filming of this movie.  He married Valerie Newman, July 31, 1947 , who was said to be the best thing that ever happened for Curly.  She nursed Curly twenty four hours a day during their years together and despite his health problems they had a daughter named Janie.  Curly made a brief appearance in Hold That Lion with Moe, Shemp and Larry in 1947.  This would prove to be his last screen appearance.  He died January 18, 1952 at 48 years old.  Curly is also buried in Home of Peace Memorial Park in Los Angeles , CA , in a marked grave in the furthest back corner of the cemetery.  The name on the tombstone is Jerome Howard.  There is a large marker in front of Curly's grave with Horwitz on it and the names of the Stooges parents, Jennie and Samuel.
    Note that Moe, Shemp and Curly all lived and are buried as Howards.  Somewhere out there are descendants of these well known comedians, maybe even someone reading this article now.  But should you not be one of them, be comforted in the knowledge that there are many Howard's through history who have their own special forms of notoriety.
    I make an appeal to those who do have stories, the most simple to the most elaborate, about their Howard ancestors, please consider sending these stories to me for future publications of Down Memory Lane.
    Until next time...    Dana
~ Members Share ~
If you have any obituaries, family bible pages, newspaper articles, censuses or other items that you think would be of interest, please send to Shay Turner at
·         Family Bible Records - submitted by Jen Bailey
      Family Record ~ Births
      Thomas Oliver Howard was born August 30th, 1849 in Morrow County , Ohio
      Alma W. Corwin was born August 20th, 1862 in Morrow County , Ohio
      Frank Benton Howard was born July 12th, 1886 in Union County , Ohio
      Leroy Howard was born May 6th, 1888 in Union County , Ohio
      Louis Ray Howard was born October 12th, 1890 in Union County , Ohio                            
 ~ Earliest Known Ancestors of HFA Members ~
Any member who has not sent in their ancestor information, may do so at any time.  Just send it to Jen Bailey at or 821 47th Street South , Great Falls , MT   59405-5723 . If you are researching the same line as these folks, feel free to contact them.  For those of you with no e-mail and need to contact someone with only an e-mail address listed, you may contact me and I will relay your message.  Thanks to all members who contributed. 
Nikia A. Angel  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Marcus Rector Howard died ca1925 in Decatur , Missouri ; married ca1885-1890 to Permita Gilbert died ca1940 in Kansas City , Kansas .
Comments:  Children:  Ada , Arthur, Elmer, Pat, Ruby, Bess, Fred Vincent, and Roy Eugene.  Fred Vincent born in or near Anderson , Missouri ; raised in Decatur , Missouri .
Jennifer Bailey  < >
821 47th Street South                                   
Great Falls , MT   59405
My earliest known ancestor is Joseph Howard, Sr. born ca1771 in New Jersey and died 12 Sep 1852 in Chester , Morrow County , Ohio ; married 21 Nov 1796 in Pennsylvania ?? to Mary Bowers born ca1776 in  Pennsylvania or New Jersey and died 11 Mar 1858 in Chester , Morrow County , Ohio .
Comments: They had 16 children with only 11 living to adulthood:  4 children unknown died young; Martha (1797-1881); James (1799-1841); Susannah (1801-1823); Elias (1803-1882); Jesse (1806-1869); Abraham (1808-1811); Jeremiah (1812-1852); Joseph, Jr. (1814-1895); John W. (1817-1898); Henry (1819-1906); William (1822-1878); and Calvin (1824-1905).
Fred Bice  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Rezin R. Howard born 1735 in Anne Arundel County, Maryland and died 1835 in Hampshire County, Virginia; married Esther Ashbrook (widow) born ca1740 in Ireland and died 1810, Hampshire County, Virginia
Comments: They had at least two children, Samuel born 1770 and John born 1775.
Harry Dell of Boerne , Texas < >
My earliest known ancestor is John B. Howard born 26 Mar 1784 in New Jersey and died 5 Aug 1856 in Toulon Township, Stark County, Illinois; married ca1813 maybe in Montgomery County, Virginia to Deborah ?? born 14 Nov 1795 in Virginia and died 2 Feb 1876 in Chariton County , Missouri .
Evelyn (Howard) Ferguson   < >
My earliest known ancestor is Thomas Howard born ca 4 Mar 1791 ? Massachusetts and died 25 Dec 1852 in Winterset County, Iowa; married in Chatauqua County, New York to Philinda Melissa Morgan born 17 June 1811 and died 22 Oct 1871 in Winterset County, Iowa.
Comments:  Thomas and Phlinda farmed in Chatauqua County , New York where all of their children were born. They then moved to Illinois and then landed in Winterset County , Iowa .

Linda Howard Fisher < >
My earliest known ancestor is Angus McDonald Howard born 12 Nov 1820 in North Carolina and died 20 Nov 1897 in Northport, Tuscaloosa County, Alabama (buried at Jennings Chapel Methodist Cemetery); married Nancy Ann Lee born 15 July 1840 and died 20 Sept 1885.
Nancy Howard Ford < >
My earliest known ancestor is Angus McDonald Howard born 12 Nov 1820 in Sampson County , North Carolina and died 20 Nov 1897 (buried in Northport , Alabama ); no marriage date but a son was born Nov 1820 so it was before that, I’m not sure if he was the first son but I believe he was.  He married Nancy Ann Lee born 15 Jul 1840 and died 20 Sept 1885 (buried in Northport , Alabama )
Comments:  Family legend has it that Nancy Ann Lee is somehow related to Robert E. Lee of Civil war fame. We're trying to corroborate that legend now. I know very little about the Howard line here. Angus' father was James Howard but we know virtually nothing about him. I'd love to find out more information on him.
Charles Howard  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Henry Heyward of Ashton Under Lyne, Lancashire , England ; married  22 April 1594 to Kathryne Clough and had sons, John and Henry.
Comments:   The name changed to Howard around 1750 and there is a clear line straight back to today.  They were weavers and grocers
David Howard   < >
205 Heritage Circle East
LaVergne , TN 37086-2671

My earliest known ancestor is Thomas Howard born ca1720 in ? Virginia and died after 1783 in either Virginia , Georgia or Kentucky ; married in ?Virginia or Georgia to Letty or Lettie Durham born 1710-1740 and died after 1783.
Comments: Desperately looking for any information on Thomas and Letty's ancestors.
James Howard  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Joseph Howard, Sr. born ca1771 in New Jersey and died 12 Sep 1852 in Chester , Morrow County , Ohio ; married 21 Nov 1796 in Pennsylvania ?? to Mary Bowers born ca1776 in  Pennsylvania or New Jersey and died 11 Mar 1858 in Chester , Morrow County , Ohio . 
Comments: They had 16 children with only 11 living to adulthood:  4 children unknown died young; Martha (1797-1881); James (1799-1841); Susannah (1801-1823); Elias (1803-1882); Jesse (1806-1869); Abraham (1808-1811); Jeremiah (1812-1852); Joseph, Jr. (1814-1895); John W. (1817-1898); Henry (1819-1906); William (1822-1878); and Calvin (1824-1905).
Jim and Sarah Howard < >
My earliest known ancestor is James Gordon Llewellyn Howard born 2 Sept 1883 in Fayette County, Kentucky and died 8 Feb 1945 Walter Reed Army Hospital, Washington, DC; married first ca1919-1921 to Unknown; married second 22 June 1925 in Dallas, Texas to Dorothy Gray Mills born 8 July 1902 in Point, Texas and died 23 March 1996 in Greenfield, Massachusetts.
Comments:  James was older than his three siblings Rex, George, and Genevieve Josephine.  His middle names Gordon and Llewellyn represent his mother’s and grandmother’s lines.  His ancestors all came from
Breathitt County , Kentucky .

John Howard < >
102 Yellowood Dr.
West Monroe, LA 71291
My earliest known ancestor is William Hardy “Jim” Howard born 1828 in Alabama believed to be in Montgomery County and died 11 Feb 1880 in Spearville, Union Parish, Louisiana; married 20 Oct 1858 in Farmerville, Union Parish, Louisiana to Nancy Jane Gulley Howard born 22 Oct 1842 in Conecuh County, Alabama and died ca1904-1909 in rocky Branch, Union Parish, Louisiana.
Comments:  "Jim" came to Union Parish,
La. between 1845 and 1850. His brother, John
followed him there in 1858-9. Do you know who their parents were?
Judy Howard in MN < >
My earliest known ancestor was Nathaniel Howard born 9 Nov 1641 and died 21 Jan 1701(10) in Massachusetts; married first 2 July 1666 in Charlestown, Massachusetts to Sarah Willard born 27 Jun 1653 in Concord, Massachusetts and died 22 Jan 1676 in Chelmsford, Massachusetts; married second 1 July 1678 in Charlestown, Massachusetts to Sarah Parker born 14 April 1653 and died 26 Sept 1739.
Karen Howard  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Hiram HOWARD (may have been born HAYWARD ) born 1795 in Vermont ?? and died after 1850 and before 1873 in Massachusetts??; married 4 May 1818 in Jamaica, Vermont to Sarah BROWN/E born 5 December 1797 in Vermont and died 19 May 1873 in Dudley, Worcester County, Massachusetts.
Michelle Howard < >
125 James Madison Drive , Lot #2
Huntsville , AL   35824
My earliest known ancestor is George Lewis Howard born 21 Sept 1820 in Virginia and died 18 Dec 1880 in Virginia; married in Virginia to Mary (Polly) Ann Bowyer, daughter of Jacob Bowyer  and Mary Reid.
Percy J. Howard < >
P. O. Box 187
Daphne , AL   36526
My earliest known ancestor is James Howard born ca1796 in Milledgeville , Georgia ; lived and died (1863) in Conecuh and Covington Counties, Alabama ; married (1) in Georgia to Nancy Stephens born ca1798? in Georgia and died ca1848 in Conecuh County , Alabama ; married (2) ca1849 in Conecuh County , Alabama to Gingy Anne Unknown died 1906 in Conecuh County
Comments: (My GGF-4 generations-202 years!)
Ric Howard <  >
10857 Amherst Ave. #302
Wheaton, MD 20902-4348
My earliest known ancestor is George Lewis Howard born 21 Sept 1820 in Virginia and died 18 Dec 1880 in Virginia; married in Virginia to Mary (Polly) Ann Bowyer, daughter of Jacob Bowyer  and Mary Reid.
Richard D. Howard  < >
587 New Virginia Rd.
Oxford , NY 13830-3123
My earliest known ancestor is Thomas Howard born ca1773 in Connecticut and died 10 April 1835 in Cairo , New York ; married Mehitable Betts born ca1767 in Connecticut and died 6 Nov 1860 . 
Ronald L. Howard  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Henry Howard born 1759 and died 1804; married 1779 to Drusilla born 1762 and died 4 Mar 1820 in Scioto County, Ohio .
Steven H. Howard  < >
327 South “J” Street #A
Lompoc , CA   93436
My earliest known ancestor is Herbert Howard; his son was William Isaac Howard (my father).
Comments:  I was born in Goodland , Kansas .
Laurie Jenkins  < >
302 East First
St. John , KS   67576 -2218
My earliest known ancestor is Almira Howard born 8 Oct 1809 in Rome , New York and died 14 June 1848 in Dundee , Illinois ; married 2 Feb 1831 in Rome , New York to Richard Sears born 21 Aug 1801 in Rome , New York and died 27 Jan 1852 in Dundee , Illinois .
Comments: They had 7 children. My line is their second child, Mary Catherine born
25 July 1834 , who married Seth Barton Robert Tubbs. I'm desperately looking for more information on my Howard ancestors!!
Pam Johnson  < >
P. O. Box 616
Anderson , TX 77830

I am researching 3 different Howard lines……
My first earliest known ancestor is James Phillip Howard born 1861-1871 in Tennessee possibly Memphis area and died ca1921 in either Sabine, San Augustine or Shelby Counties, Texas; married (1) in San Augustine County, Texas to Laura Galliger died 1888-96 possibly in Red River County, Texas, married (2)  on 7 April 1896 in San Augustine County, Texas to Elyza Catherine Sanders born ca1878 possibly in San Augustine County, Texas and died ca1926 possibly in San Augustine County, Texas.
My second earliest known ancestor is Cora Ann Howard born 1834 possibly in South Carolina and died 1920 in Coweta County, Georgia; married Alex Kell(e)y born ca1826 in South Carolina
Comments:  Cora may have be Indian, or part Indian, as she had the coloring, dark hair & eyes of an Indian.
My third earliest known ancestor is Polly Howard died
9 Dec 1825 in Monroe County , Georgia ; married before 1808 to James Perdue born 27 April 1783 in Maryland and died 13 Dec 1862 in Monroe County , Georgia .
Comments: Polly was a widow when she married James PERDUE, so HOWARD could have  been her married name before.
Donna R Lingren < >
1380 El Camino Real #18
Millbrae, CA 94030
My earliest known ancestor is Nancy Howard born 1792 in Floyd County, Virginia and died 26 Dec 1862 in Floyd County, Virginia (buried at Pince Creek Cemetery); married 7 Nov 1815 to Isaac Moore born 10 Aug 1789 in Floyd County, Virginia and died 1 May 1875 in Floyd County, Virginia (buried at Pince Creek Cemetery)
Comments:  Parents of Nancy Howard: Peter Howard and Sarah Strickland.  Known brothers of Nancy Howard: Major Howard and Ira Howard Nancy Howard and Issac Moore were the parents of Peter Strickland Moore.
Robin Howard Lowery  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Angus McDonald Howard born 12 Nov 1820 in North Carolina and died 20 Nov 1897 in Northport, Alabama; married Nancy Ann Lee born 15 July 1840 and died 20 Sept 1885 in Northport, Alabama.
Ramonyca Howard  < >
My earliest known ancestor is John Hayward / Howard born ca1787 in Brimfield , Massachusetts and died 6 May 1813 in Dover , Vermont ; married 20 November 1793 in Brimfield , Massachusetts to Eunice Hitchcock born 29 June 1772 and died 26 April 1860 in Dover , Vermont .

Steven Howard < >
My earliest known ancestor is Thomas Edward Howard born 1835 in Thorpe, Surrey, England and died 15 Mar 1891 in Hackney, London, England; married 23 Apr 1867 in Sth Kensington, London, England to Amelia Mitcham born ca1836 in Haines, Middlesex, England.
Comments: Enlisted at 20 years of age in the 17th Lancers for 12 years. Served 7 yrs. 8 months overseas and was involved in the Indian Mutiny. After discharge from the army he joined the London Metropolitan Police J Division (PC 48186) on
11 March 1867 . Retired aged 64 years on 25 May1889 on medical grounds. Marriage certificate lists father's name as William Howard, Labourer.

Kathy Howard Oathout  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Frank (possibly Francis Townsend Brewster) Howard born in England; and died between Oct 1895 and June 1900 probably in New York City or Brooklyn, New York; married Mary Ann Peace born 11 May 1858 in England and died 28 March 1914 in Jamaica, Queens, New York.
Dana Rambler   < >
4 Little Fox Court
Greer , SC 29650
My earliest known ancestor is Annie Mae Howard born 2 Dec 1885 in Alabama ?? and died 10 May 1929 in Enterprise , Alabama (buried Mt. Pleasant Cemetery ); married James Edward Marsh.
Comments: They had eight children: Homer Marsh born 1901,  James Marsh born 1903, Porter Marsh born 1904, Hampton Marsh born 1910, Hubert Edward Marsh (my grandfather) born 25 February 1910 and died 26 July 1997 , Letha May Marsh born ??, Mercer and Wilson Marsh (twins) born June 1914.
Dwight J. Smith  < >
My earliest known ancestor is William Hayward born 1585 in England possibly Belton.  Family settled in Mendon , Massachusetts .
Comments:  Last Howard name line, Lydia , married to Elijah Warfield.
Modene Knight Thornton  < >
Box 38
Teague, Texas 75860
My earliest known HOWARD ancestor is John HOWARD born 1804-06 and died after 1870 census probably in Hardin County, Tennessee; married before 1828 (first child Frances/Frankey born) to Lovica “Vicy” Lamb born 1807 and died after 1870 census probably in Hardin County, Tennessee
Comments:  Sources: Edward Ezell/Frances Howard Bible records; Hardin County Tennessee Census records; and Janet Austin Curtis genealogy records.
Paula Thompson  < >
My earliest known ancestor is Edward Paul Howard born 6 June 1872 in either Nashville or Memphis, Tennessee and died 23 July 1957 in Sardis, Panola County, Mississippi; married 28 Dec 1893 in Lafayette County, Mississippi to Mollie Narcissa Ruby born 29 Dec 1872 in Lafayette County, Mississippi and died 11 Dec 1973 in Holly Springs, Marshall County, Mississippi.
Comments:  These were my grandparents.  John Howard was the father of Edward Paul Howard but nothing is proven yet, but it is very close to unraveling.
Susan West < >
My earliest known ancestor is John Howard born ca1780 in Lenoir County , North Carolina and died in Lenoir County , North Carolina ; married Ferrebe born ca1784 and died in Lenoir County , North Carolina .

Janine Woolnough < >
My earliest known ancestor was Henry Howard born ca1803 in England , he married Sarah Lesmore born ca1799 in England .
Comments:  I don’t have any other information on them, as I am in Australia and this has been hard for me to trace.
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Need help finding that certain elusive family member, send you queries to Paula Thompson at
·         Looking for John and Mary or Margaret (?Curlee)  HOWARD that supposed to have died in Memphis, Tennessee 1878/79 during the Yellow Fever Epidemic leaving one child, my grandfather, Edward Paul HOWARD age about 6 or 7. I do not know of any more children.  Edward Paul HOWARD was suppose to have gone to live with his grandfather HOWARD in Middle Tennessee.  After his grandfather’s death he was suppose to have gone to Arkansas to live with a brother of his father’s.  After over 30 years of searching Edward Paul HOWARD has never been located on an 1880 census anywhere.  He first appears on the 1900 Lafayette Co, Ms census, this is after he is already married.   His grandmother could  have been a DORKAS.  One uncle has been found William married Amelia Hungerford in Memphis , Tennessee in 1858 and lived in and around Atoka , Tennessee .  Please help!  Contact Paula Howard Thompson < >
·         My father was Ernest Augustine HOWARD, b Jan 19, 1918 in Brooklyn , NY .  He married Juliet Amelia Irene SMITH on June 10, 1937 .  He passed away in Richmond , Va. on April 2, 1981 .  He had two younger brothers, Theodore Heinroth HOWARD and Francis Townsend Brewster HOWARD.  Their father was Ernest Augustine HOWARD, b July 9, 1890 I believe in New York City .  He married Marie E. HEINROTH on April 29, 1916 in Brooklyn or NYC.  He died young of appendicitis on April 18, 1925 in  Brooklyn .  Ernest, Sr.’s father was Frank HOWARD who married Mary Peace.  There were 6 children:  Francis Townsend Brewster HOWARD b 20 April 1883 in England , George HOWARD b 8 Feb 1885 in England , Louise HOWARD b 1 Nov 1887 in NYC, Ernest, Sr. b 9 July 1890 , William F., b May 1894, and Russell b 1 Aug 1896 .  In the 1900 census, Mary states she has 3 children with 3 living!  I know for certain she was Ernest’s mother from my grandmother’s diary.  I am wondering if Frank, George, and Louise are children from a first marriage.  If so to whom?  Mary died May 28, 1941 in Queens , NY .  Can anyone tell me if Frank HOWARD’s name is actually Frank Townsend Brewster HOWARD, Sr.?  If so, was he from England or Ireland ?  Who was his first wife?  Who were his parents?
      Contact: Kathy Oathout, 1813 Piatt Avenue , Mattoon , IL   61938  
      < >
·         Searching for any information concerning James HOWARD, b about. 1796, Milledgeville , GA , married Nancy STEPHENS in GA, had two children in GA, moved Conecuh City , Ala. About 1818 , farmed in Coneuch and Covington City , somehow related  ? to Rhesa HOWARD, William B. F. HOWARD, Brutus  HOWARD, possibly Nehemiah.  Died 1863, AL
      Contact:  < >
·         Seeking information on Annie Mae HOWARD, b. 12/02/1885 , AL , d. 05/10/1929 , buried, Mt. Pleasant Baptist, near Enterprise , AL .  Married James Edward MARSH, had eight children, Homer, James, Porter, Hampton, Hubert, Letha May and twins, Mercer and Wilson.  I am a descendant of Hubert MARSH and can provide Substantial information on the MARSH line, but have nothing on Mrs. HOWARD.  Thank you for your time and efforts.
      Contact Dana Rambler < >
·         Need to prove parentage of John HOWARD who married Lovica LAMB.  I think he was (but have not proven) the son of Phillip HOWARD who married 16 Jan 1801 , Frankey SAILS (SALE) in Wilkes County , North Carolina .  Source:  Wilkes County , NC Record #104 01 124  Bond #0001 65786  Phillip HOWARD Married.  16 Jan 1801 , Frankey SAILS (SALES)  Bondsman:  John CAMBERS  Witness:  William B. LENOI.  John and Lovica named their first daughter, Frances/Frankey and their first son Phillip.  Source:  Edward and Frankey HOWARD EZELL’s bible record.  Source:  1850 Hardin County , Tennessee Federal Census records.  My descent is John HOWARD> Frances/Frankey> Nancy Jane EZELL>William Jackson KNIGHT>Modene KNIGHT>Modene Knight THORNTON.  Freestone County , Texas .
     Contact:  Modene Knight Thornton < >
·         I am looking for the ancestry of Clarissa Amelia HOWARD.  I have very little on her early life.  Poss. Bro.: John HOWARD, b. 1814 in NY, d. after 1860 when he was listed with the NELSON family in the WI census.  No further.  Clarissa Amelia, b. 21 Feb 1818 Madison Co., NY., m. 18 Apr 1838 William H. NELSON, d. 27 Jan 1887 , Alexandria , Douglas , MN .  Wm. H. NELSON ( 3 Aug 1814 , Stockbridge, Madison, NY-28 Jun 1899.  Alexandria , Douglas , MN )  they had 11 kids including: Emeline, Lavina, Sophrona, Mary, Martha, Warren, Alzina, William, Clara.  Poss. Sister: Helen HOWARD, b. 1835 NY., d. Aft 1850 when she was listed in the census with the NELSON family in the WI census.  No further.  There Was a John HOWARD in Madison Co. who may have been the right age to be the father of these three, but his will/probate heirs’ names don’t match.  I have tried resources in Madison Co. with no luck, and have tried several people over the Internet.  I found a couple of people who might be related, but we have far too little information to even consider how close the relation might be.  I’ve been stuck on these for quite a while.  Thank you.
      Contact:  Judy Zervas < >
·         Looking for proof that Baldwin HOWARD (1769 NC –1835 Madison Co, AL) is the father of Elijah HOWARD (1810 TN-1864 Madison Co, AL).  Elijah HOWARD married Jane McKINNEY in Madison Co, AL in 1836. 
      Contact:  L. H. Herrin < >
·         Seeking information on Peter Howard and his wife, Sarah Strickland, both of Va. In 1815, their daughter, Nancy Howard, b. 1792  Va. , married Isaac Moore,  b. 1789 Va.   Their children were: Walter Richard  b. 1808 (was Nancy married twice ?) Peter b. 1820,  Noah B.  b.1821,  Jacob S.  b. 1827, and Vashti O.  b. 1829. Thanks so much!
      Contact:  Donna Lingren < >
·         Searching for information about James HOWARD and wife Mary GOSS who Married probably in Alabama and were on the 1850 & 1860 census for Shelby Co., Alabama .  In 1870 they were on the Winston Co., Alabama census and then Moved to Lawrence Co., TN and were there on the 1880 census.  They had a huge family and names of the children are: Martha, Sarah, Hiram, Mary, Tobitha, James, Mahala, William, Benj., Holly, John, Marion, Lucinda, P.C., Lucy Ann.   The only problem is that my husband's great-great grandmother was Mary Delilah Howard and her death record says that her parents were James Howard and Mary Goss.  Her birth took place around 1860.  There were many errors on the Census records and we are still sorting them out to account for Mary.  If anyone out there recognizes any of these names, I would love to hear From you.  My husband's grandmother, Susie Virginia MCDOW GRUBER was the Daughter of Marion Radway MCDOW and Mary Delilah HOWARD.>  I understand that 3 HOWARD boys married 3 GOSS sisters.  Anyone out there have information on this?  Thank you so much. 
     Contact:  Becky Gruber, 6410 Lotus Court , Waterford , MI 48329       
·         I am looking for the parents of John William Howard b: 25 July 1851 Crab Orchard, Lincoln Co. KY, D: 20 August 1927 Los Angeles Co/California,  He was married to Margaret Anna Lucas.  His Parents are supposed to be James Howard of KY and Elizabeth Roberts of KY.  Any information would be gratefully accepted.
      Contact:  Sharon Viellenave < >
·         Almira HOWARD, b. 10/8/1809 , Rome , NY ; d. 6/14/1848 , Dundee , IL m. Richard SEARS, 2/2/1831 , Rome , NY , 7 children
     Contact: Laurie Jenkins < >
·         Looking for parents/siblings, etc. for my gr-grandfather Marcus Rector HOWARD.  Believed to be living around Anderson , MO / Arkansas border ca 1892. m. Pernita Gilbert b.?, d. 1940.  Children:  Bess, Ada , Arthur, Elmer, Pat, Ruby, Fred Vincent b. 11/23/1892 , Roy Eugene. Fred Vincent Howard m. Gladys Chitwood 1918 in Dyer, AK.  Any information appreciated, will share whatever I have.  Very little information on Howard side of family, no information on Gilbert. Thanks in advance.
      Contact:  < >
·         I am looking for the ancestors of William A. HOWARD b. 05-12-1823 d. 06-07-1891 .  He married Sarah A. ??.  They both died in Hancock County , Illinois and are buried in Oakwood Cemetery in Hancock County .  I would also like the ancestors of his wife (last name unknown).
     Contact:  Gerrie < >
·         Hello, I'm trying to find out any information on a George William HOWARD, b. 1826, possibly in England .  He was an actor on the stage.  His first wife was named Agnes.  They settled in Ticonderoga NY around 1863.  Agnes died childless and he remarried my gr-grandmother, Etta Belle HAYES in 1883. George's parents names were George HOWARD and Polly WARFRIAR according to the marriage license.  George and Ettabelle's children were: Honorah, Helenora, Gracia, George and Leonella (my grandmother).  George HOWARD died in 1899 in  Ticonderoga , NY and his wife remarried a man named Bert HUNTLEY.  I don't know anything else about George except what I have written here.  If anyone has any information to add, I would sure like to find out about him.  Thank you.
      Contact:  Robin Carpenter < >
·         I need information on FRANCIS HOWARD and his son EDWARD HOWARD.  Francis was born in about 1611 in Va. and Edward born about 1650 both died in NC.
     Contact:  < >
·         I'm researching my HOWARD'S from KY, Estill county specifically.  Sophia  HOWARD married William LARRISON IN 1845. Her mother was Sarah (?) HOWARD and gave her permission for the marriage. Looking for her ancestors.  Thank you.
      All My Surnames:  Allport, Aubert/Albert, Avery, Cornelius, Conway , Draper, Gentry, Harris,      
      Howard, Joyner, Kapilnik/Kopelnick, Kandel, Larrison/Larison, Massey/Massie, Maxwell,  
      McCrary/McRairy, Peterson, Schwartz, Sparks , Vogel, Whitman/Whiteman? As of June 1
      Contact:  Toni Vogel, Cocoa , FL < >
·         My name is Laurie Jenkins, my email address is  I have only one HOWARD in my ancestry lines, because I can't find any information on her parents.  She was Almira HOWARD, b. 10/8/1809 in Rome , NY , d. 6/14/1848 in Dundee , IL .  She was married to Richard SEARS on 2/2/1831 in Rome , NY .  They had 7 children.  I have already put this on the Howard Family Forum, but have received no response yet.  I hope to find a window, door or some kind of opening in this brick wall I've come up against!! Thanks.
     Contact:  Laurie Jenkins < >
·         I am trying to trace Anna HOWARD born about 1833 in Dublin , Ireland ,  She came to Melbourne and married James ANDERSON on Sept 17 1852 .  I would like to find her family in Ireland .
      Contact: Wendy Jones,  660 Robinsons Road , LANGWARRIN, VIC, AUST 3910
·         Looking for the parents of ANDREW JACKSON HOWARD born 23 March 1865 (prob. Muscogee Co.) GA died 26 Feb. 1838 Phenix City, AL , buried Girard Cemetery , AL , married JOSIE SMITH 26 June 1884 .  Andrew Jackson's father was born VA And mother was born in GA. 
      In 1870 Muscogee Co., GA P. O. Columbus:
HOWARD POMELIA 25 age , keeping house, b. GA
HOWARD, CHARLES 17 age, works in Cotton factory, b. GA
HOWARD, ANDREW J. 05 age, b. GA
      In 1880 Russell , AL Girard Beat #1:
COLLINS, JOHN  M. 38 age, retail grocer, b. GA
COLLINS, SARAH E. 27 age, wife, b. GA
COLLINS, WILLIAM 10 age, son, b. AL
HOWARD, PAMALA 39 age, sister-in-law, b. GA, Neuralgia
HOWARD, ANDREW 15 age, brother-in-law, hauls wood, b. GA
HOWARD, GEORGE 22 age, brother-in-law, Cotton mill, b. GA
     This is all the information that I have on this family.  Any connections, links, information will   
     be greatly appreciated.
     Contact:  Pat Greathouse, 1502 Nottingham Drive, Phenix City, AL 36867-1941
     < >
·         Searching  for many years any information related to JAMES HOWARD, b.abt.1796, Milledgeville, GA., married NANCY STEPHENS, b. about same time in GA., they married abt.1815, had two children ,William B. and Nancy, then moved to Alabama, owned and farmed land in Conecuh and Covington counties, first bought land Alabama. 1823, had 6 more children, children married  STALLWORTHS, MATTHEWS, THOMAS, MCIVERS,  DAVIDSON, POWELL. NANCY STEPHENS died abt.1848 ? JAMES then married GINGY UNKNOWN abt.1849,Had son ANDERSON HOWARD, JAMES died 1863, Conecuh County .  Any information greatly appreciated.
      Contact:  P.J. Howard, Box 187, Daphne, AL 36526 < >
·         Crete and Manteno are near (I think) where my Howards lived around Peoria And mostly Farmington , Illinois .  My gr-grandmother Adelia Howard had a sister Emma, born 1856 in Farmington and married Bill Eddy.  I know nothing else about her.  Could this be the Emma you've found in the book?  Just in case these may be mentioned, here are the names of children of Lafayette Marcus Howard, my gr-gr-grandfather b: 1829 and Tabitha Phillips b: 1837.
      Sarah, Joseph or Jasper, Emma, Lucille (Lucy), Isabell, Amanda, L. Marcus (Mark), Andrew     
      J., Katherine (Kate), Jennie, Adelia, Amber, and Leroy (Lee).  Many thanks.
     Contact:  Judy Ryan < >
·         I would appreciate some advice on obtaining information on the following members of the Howard family:   Henry Wentworth of Codham Hall, Wethersfield , County Essex , England , and Elizabeth Howard, the daughter and sole heir of Henry Howard, second son of Sir John Howard. Henry also had a second marriage to JANE FITZ SIMON, the daughter and heir of Henry Fitz  Simon. (Whether Jane had a previous marriage to Henry, I don't know.) Jane  survived Henry, who died 22 Mar 1482/83 , and married Sir Richard Fitz Lewes, Knight, of West Horndon , County Essex , whose Last Will she proved 24 Nov 1529 . Henry and his  second wife, Jane, had only one child: NICHOLAS WENTWORTH, the ancestor of the  Wentworths of counties Oxford , Bucks, Northampton , Warwick and Lincoln. Henry and his first wife, Elizabeth, had children:
1. Roger Wentworth.
2. Henry Wentworth: whose Will dated
16 Nov 1510 was proved 6 February
following and was evidently unmarried and buried in the chancel of St. Olave
in the Old Jewry,
London .
3. Thomas Wentworth: who proved his brother Henry's Last Will, but of whom
nothing else is known.
4. William Wentworth: who also proved his brother Henry's Last Will in
1510/11. He had a license
15 Apr 1524 to marry Margaret Bendish of Steeple
County Essex , but no further trace of him has been found.
5. Robert Wentworth: who was living 1539/40.
6. MARGERY WENTWORTH, (this is my ancestor....)
I keep hitting dead ends when I try to search, and I know that I am missing something, probably a simple link (which is difficult to do without exact dates for Elizabeth, Henry and John Howard...)

Contact Susan Swann of Edmonton, Alberta, Canada < >
·         Looking for the parents of Joseph Howard born ca1771 in New Jersey and died 12 September 1852 in Chester , Morrow County , Ohio .
      Contact Jen Bailey < >
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