Volume No. 2 ~ Issue No. 1 ~ December 1999 ~ Jen (Howard) Bailey, Editor
Introducing the 1998 - 2000 HFA Officers, Coordinators and Committee Members
President/Webmaster: Ric Howard < President@howard-family.com >
Web Site Committee:  Nancy (Howard) Ford
Treasurer: Burton Howard < Treasurer@howard-family.com >
Membership Coordinator: Jen (Howard) Bailey < Membership@howard-family.com >
Family Historian:  Nancy (Howard) Ford  < History@howard-family.com >
            History Committee: Floyd Howard and Len Howard
Newsletter Editor:  Jen (Howard) Bailey < Newsletter@howard-family.com >
Newsletter Committee:  Judy Howard, Dana Rambler and Paula Thompson
To nominate yourself for any of the HFA positions open, please refer to the Nominations section on page 8.
Contents of Newsletter
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v Howard Family Association Reports – page 3
v Howard Family Reunions Across the World – page 5
v Howard Members Family Announcements – page 5
v Down Memory Lane – page 5
v Members Share – page 6
v Helpful Tidbits, Howard Book Information, etc. – page 6
v HFA Members Web Sites – page 7
v Queries – page 8
v Nominations Form – page 8
v Cook Book Order Form – page 9
v Membership Information – page 10
From the President...
The Howard Family Association has been working hard trying to think of ways to benefit our members, but have had little responses from our members.  We all know how great it is to be able to go to a web site and get all kinds of information for nothing.  But for us to have information, we need your assistance.  We all understand how hard everyone works to collect their family history and how hard it is to just give it away for those who don't have to put numerous hours, days, weeks, months, and even years to collect.  It is important to know that
to get more information, you have to give some information.  Each piece of information given could in fact bring a return of history that you might not have known if you didn't share yours.  So, please share what you can or at least enough that will catch someone else’s attention that
may have some information you could use.
We were sorry to hear that Ramonyca was no longer going to be able to send out the Howard Family Electronic Newsletter (HFEN).  She had done a wonderful job and we hope that everything works out fine for her.  She had asked HFA to take over the HFEN and after some consideration, we agreed.  Jen Bailey will be taking care of the HFEN as long as she is willing to.  We will be attempting to keep the HFEN, as close to what Ramonyca had it, with a couple of exceptions.  We will only have the HFEN come out once a month, which is on the last Sunday of each month.  And we will not have a "Howard in the News" unless someone send something in and request us to put it in the HFEN.
We are now past our one (1) year mark as an Association and hope that we continue to serve you all for many years to come.
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, President
~~ Howard Family Association Committee Reports ~~
Responsibilities of the Volunteer Committee
It is the Volunteer Committee’s responsibility to help find volunteers for positions open on all the committees of the HFA. 
*Report from the Volunteer Committee*
HFA is looking for nominations for the Vice President, Secretary, Volunteer Coordinator and Reunion Coordinator. You can submit your nominations to
Nominations@howard-family.com or go the web page at
http://www.howard-family-assoc.org/nominate.html for more information.
HFA needs volunteers on all committees. If you have a few extra minutes each week to volunteer you may email Volunteers@howard-family.com for more information.

Responsibilities of the Web Site Committee:
The Web Site Committee Volunteers are assigned one or more committees to create and maintain the web pages for those committees. They work with the Committee Leader getting what information they would like to have posted there. The volunteer may create and modify the web pages in whatever application they choose and then email the HFA Webmaster the finished project to be uploaded (and linked when necessary) to the HFA Web Site.  Many volunteers are needed so that each Committee can have the necessary web pages created, maintained and updated when needed.
            *Report from the Web Site Committee*
The HFA Web Site Committee is working on the Web Site to bring more information to our members.  Our present project is putting all of the past issues of the Howard FE Newsletter (HFEN) up on the web site for all to view.  Our plan is to get all the issues of HFEN in an area that will list all of the issues with indexes to the contents of each newsletter.  This is a time consuming project, but we think the final outcome will be helpful to all.  This area will not be for HFA members only and everyone will have access to it.  We have some of the issues up now and they can be accessed at http://www.Howard-Family.com/HFEN/HFEN.html.  I am missing past issue #265 and issues #1 to #165, we would appreciate anyone with any of these issues to send them to us so that we can add them to the web page. 
We are thinking of adding to our information areas, such as Howards in different wars, with information sent to us by our members.  So, if you have family that was in a war, passenger on a ship, marriage information, or anything that we can have put on a Howard list, please send this info to Richard.Howard@Howard-Concepts.com or snail mail: Ric Howard, 10857 Amherst Ave. #302, Wheaton, MD  20902-4348.
Also, if you want to link your genealogy page with us, let us know.  We may even start a Howard business site, where Howard descendants can link their business.
We have access to a scanner and digital camera for anyone needing something scanned or a picture made.  You can contact me for that also.
We still need some help with the web site and would welcome any volunteers to help us, no matter what your web site experience is.  If you would like to help, please email Robin at Volunteers@Howard-Family.com for more information.
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, Webmaster
Responsibilities of the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining membership records of the organization, and to find ways to attract new members.  Membership Committee Members shall be assigned different tasks to accomplish these goals.
*Report from the Membership Committee*
We currently have 160 Active Members of the HFA.
Responsibilities of the Newsletter Committee
Each Newsletter Committee Volunteer is assigned a section of the Newsletter, in which he or she will collect, compile and submit information to the editor for placement in the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is a quarterly publication in which HFA Members can share information with other HFA Members.  
*Note from the Editor—Well here we are starting the second year of the HFA Quarterly Newsletter.  I can’t believe that a year has gone by already.  Those of you, who still need to send in your earliest known Howard ancestor information, please do so as soon as possible.  I would also like to invite all members to send in their comments and suggestions on the HFAQN.  This will help us to serve your needs better and give us a chance to hear what you would like to see added to the newsletter or what improvements can be made.  Those of you who receive the HFAQN through the postal mail, who wish to submit anything to the newsletter, you can send them to me, Jen Bailey, at 821 47th Street South, Great Falls, MT  59405-5723.  We would like to thank those who have submitted to the Newsletter, without you, there would be no Newsletter. 
Happy Holidays from the staff of the HFAQN,
Jen, Judy, Dana, and Paula
Responsibilities of the Reunion Committee
The Reunion Committee will plan the HFA Annual Reunion.  They will find a central location for which the reunion is to be held and coordinate all activities for the reunion.
*Report from the Reunion Committee*
There is no report at this time.  If you wish to nominate yourself for the position of Reunion Coordinator, please to Nominations@howard-family.com
Responsibilities of the History Committee
The History Committee volunteer may be asked to maintain files, organize family sheets, keep a card index of all Howard descendants and their spouses, compile and write biographical records, family histories and personal histories of Howard progenitors and descendants, and help with the Howard lineage book to be published by the family organization.
*Report from the History Committee*
The History Committee is working on cataloging the Howard branches by state and/or Country.  Different Committee members will monitor different states and/or countries.   We will be asking all members of the HFA for a copy of their records so that we can file and cross-reference the information.  We will eventually be posting information on the History Web Page.   We know there are tons of Howards out there who have not been cataloged yet, so we are in the process of gathering their information.  We are asking all members to send their updated records to us so that we can classify everything. 
Nancy Howard Ford, HFA Family Historian
1736 Oak Haven Drive, SW
Marietta, GA  30008-4340
Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee
The Fund-Raising Committee is responsible for generating ideas to raise funds for the Association expenses. Once the fund-raising activities have been agreed upon this committee plans, coordinates and implements the various projects.
*Report from the Fundraising Committee*
COOKBOOK UPDATE:  Only 100 cookbooks were ordered in the first printing.  Orders will be filled on a first received basis.  Be sure to send your orders in today! Remember the cookbooks make a nice Christmas present for grandmothers and mothers who are hard to shop for, sisters, aunts, the new bride, secret pals, and friends. If you need prices and an order form for the cookbook, please visit the Howard Family web site at
http://www.howard- family.com/Cookbook/cookbook.html or use the Cookbook order form found at the end of this newsletter. We have sold 85 cookbooks. Only 15 left. The first 15 payments received will buy a cookbook. Do not delay, get your payment in the mail today!!!

~~~~ Treasurer’s Report ~~~~
The HFA now has its account in the BANK OF OKLAHOMA.  This account charges no monthly fee and pays a small amount of interest monthly. 
As of 11/29/99, we have cash in account of $521.86.
We have current amounts due ............…...($279.77)
Cookbook Revenue:  $776.00 less cost $215.00 with $265.00 due plus mailing cost.
Net cash assets as of 10/31/99............…....$387.86.
Newsletter expenses: $64.77

~ Howard Family Reunions across the World ~
If you have a Howard Family Reunion to announce, please send to Jen Bailey at Newsletter@howard-family.com or send to 821 47th Street South, Great Falls, MT  59405.
Nothing submitted at this time.
~ Howard Family Announcements ~
If you have a Howard Family Announcement (Birth, Death, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or other) please send to Judy Howard, e-mail her at jhoward@ecenet.com.
·         Connor Daniel White was born 22 March 1999 in Houston, Texas to Sara L. Buntyn and John T. White, Jr.  Connor descends from Baldwin Howard born ca1769 in the following way:  Baldwin Howard > Michael Howard > Sara Lucinda Caroline Howard > John Howard Ware > Alma J. Ware > Joe S. Buntyn, Jr. > Sara L. Buntyn > Connor D. White.
·         We would like to extend our prayers and thoughts to Don, Bev, and their family.  It has been a month since the accident and we hope that Don and Bev are healing well. Sincerely,                                                                                                                   Members of the HFA Board                              
·         There is a book being prepared on the Howard Family, primarily western Pennsylvania/West Virginia area by JoAnn Blazier.  This promises to be fairly comprehensive book.                                                                                      SUBMITTED BY:   Larry Howard of Jacksonville, FL < oilcanlarry@worldnet.att.net >
~ Down Memory Lane ~
If you have a Howard Family Story or any other interesting items concerning a Howard Family please send to Dana Rambler at SportyChampagne@aol.com.
            While helping my daughter do some research on the Civil War, I found a very interesting member of the Howard family.  I would like to share with a little bit about this man.
            Oliver Otis Howard, who was often called the “Christian Soldier”, was born November 8th, 1830 in Leeds, Maine.  He graduated from Bowdoin College in 1850 and then in 1854 graduated from West Point.  He later taught the subject of Mathematics at West Point.  At this point, he decided to become a minister.  At the beginning of his education to become a minister, the Civil War broke out and he took command of the 3rd Maine Volunteers. 
            He commanded a Brigade at the first Battle of Bull Run in 1861.  It was at this battle that he was promoted to Brigadier General of Volunteers in September 1861.  During the Penisular Campaign at Fair Oaks in 1862, Oliver O. Howard lost his right arm.  In 1863, he was a participant in the battles at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  Howard and his men lost both battles.
            After the war, he was appointed head of the Freedman’s Bureau.  The bureau was created to protect and help slaves who had just been freed.  In 1867, the Howard University was established in Washington, D.C. by the United States Congress as a college for blacks seeking a higher education.  Oliver Otis Howard was one of the founders of Howard University which was named in his honor.  He was later President of Howard University from 1869 to 1874.
            Oliver O. Howard was also Superintendent of West Point from 1880 to 1882.  He was an accomplished writer and wrote his autobiography in 1907.  Oliver Otis Howard died October 26th, 1909.
Here is a list of books written by Oliver Otis Howard and some written about him:
Autobiography; 1907; by Oliver Otis Howard
My Life and Experiences Among Hostile Indians; 1907; by Oliver Otis Howard
Famous Indian Chiefs I Have Known; 1908; by Oliver Otis Howard
Sword and Olive Branch: Oliver Otis Howard; 1964; by John A. Carpenter
Yankee Stepfather: General O.O. Howard and the Freeman; 1968; by William S. McFeely
Submitted by:  Jen (Howard) Bailey < ronjenbailey@msn.com >
~ Members Share ~
If you have any obituaries, family bible pages, newspaper articles, censuses or other items that you think would be of interest, please send to Jen Bailey at Newsletter@howard-family.com.
Nothing submitted at this time.
~ Helpful Tidbits ~
If you have any helpful tidbits, Howard Book information, etc. that you would like to share, please send to Jen Bailey at ronjenbailey@msn.com
·         Howard Book Information ~~ The House of Howard: Descendants of James Howard, Sr. [Sampson County, North Carolina], published in 1992 by Randall Lovejoy, 2799 Siskiyou Blvd., Ashland, Oregon 97520.  Submitted by Susan Blevins < ShBlev@cs.com >
·         There is a privately published book A Howard Family and some Antecedents by Edward Howard, which chronicles Matthew Howard (the immigrant) through the Maryland – Virginia – North Carolina Howard family.  Copies of the book are at the Hancock County (Illinois) Genealogical Society and also at the Rowan County (North Carolina) Public Library.  Both places have addresses on the Internet and will do copies for a fee.  There is a second book, The Ancestors of Amy Summers by Edward Howard, in the Rowan County (North Carolina) Public Library.  It was actually written before the Howard book but could be useful.  Amy Summers was the wife of William Howard.  Submitted by Michelle Davis                              < michelle@netcare.com >
·         Here are some web sites that may be able to help you find the ships that your ancestors arrived on.
~ HFA Members Web Sites ~
If you have a web site and would like it placed in HFA Quarterly Newsletter, please name of web site and URL to Jen Bailey at Newsletter@howard-family.com
v Howard Family Association: http://www.howard-family-assoc.org
v Ric Howard’s Home Page:
v Gustafson-Wichmann Home Page:
v Jen’s Corner: http://homepages.msn.com/PicnicPl/baileypages/Jen/ 
v The Family of Rich and Jeannie Howard: http://www.ascent.net/howardrd 
v Mama Thompson’s Weakly County, Tennessee Front Porch: http://www.apex.net/users/pj/mama.htm
v William A. LaBach - Early Kentucky Ancestors: http://members.tripod.com/~labach/ 
v Ancestors of Glenn L. Daniel: http://members.tripod.com/~glenn_5/glenn.htm     
v The Oathout Genealogy: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Prairie/3506/index.htm 
v Genealogy for the Howard Family: http://iccosys.networkcarolina.com/genealogy/howard_genealogy.htm
v The Turner & Howard Family Home Page Line: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/h/o/w/Mary-E-Howard/index.html
v The Howard Historian: http://ww.theonespot.hh 
v Pat (Bradshaw) Muniz’s My Family Home Page: http://www.familytreemaker.com/users/m/u/n/Pat-Muniz/
v The Loyalist Howard’s of Ontario:
v Sara Buntyn’s Home Page: http://users.ev1.net/~sbuntyn
v Reflections and Connections To My TATE & HOWARD Families: http://community.webtv.net/AmericafayeII/Reflections0
v Kenna’s Family Korner: http://www.geocities.com/Heartland/Fields/7754 
~ Queries ~
If you have a query you wish to place in the Newsletter, please send to Paula Howard at
v Looking for information on Henry Howard’s parents.  Henry was born on October 11, 1840 in New York State.  He died in Grand Rapids, Michigan about 1912.  He married Aliva M. Skutt on September 19, 1858.  Any help appreciated.  Thanks.
      Contact: jenkinje@river.it.gvsu.edu
v I am looking for information concerning William Howard that married Amelia Hungerford in Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee in 1858.  He would have had a brother named John that died in the Yellow Fever Epic during 1878/79.  Happy to share information.  Are you related to these people? 
Contact: pj Thompson < pj@apex.net >
Officer and Committee Coordinator Positions Open for Nomination
HFA will be accepting nominations for the following positions. Nominations for yourself or someone else can be placed at Nominations@howard-family.com.  For more information contact Ric Howard at 10857 Amherst Ave. #302, Wheaton, MD  20902-4348 or go to the HFA Nominations page at http://www.howard-family-assoc.org/nominate.html 
Positions open for nominations are:
¨       Vice President
¨       Secretary
¨       Fundraiser Coordinator
¨       Volunteer Coordinator
¨       Reunion Coordinator
We are still taking orders for the HFA Cook Book until all books are sold.  To place orders use the form below.

Name: ____________________________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________________

City ___________________________ State ____________ Zip Code _________

Address to be shipped to: ____________________________________________

City ___________________________ State ____________ Zip Code __________

Number of copies:
______ @ 10.00 each*
______ @ 9.50 (two copies)*
______ @ 9.00 (3 or more copies)*
*All cookbook prices include shipping and handling.

Make checks payable to the Howard Family Association and mail to:
Burton Howard/Cookbook Committee
6905 E. 62nd Place
Tulsa, OK  74133
If you have any questions, send to Burton at the address above or email him at Treasurer@howard-family.com.
~ Membership Information ~
If you are interested in becoming a member or know a Howard researcher who would be interested in joining the HFA ……. Just fill out or have them fill out the Membership Form below and send to HFA Membership Chairperson, Jen (Howard) Bailey, 821 47th Street South, Great Falls, MT  59405-5723 or email her the information at
Name:   _______________________________________________________
Street Address: __________________________________________________
City, State, Zip Code: ______________________________________________
Phone:  ________________ E-mail address: ___________________________
Please choose an User ID and Password so that you can access the Members only page on the HFA web site (http://www.howard-family-assoc.org).  Write this information down and keep. [Example: Jane Doe may choose - User ID: JDoe    Password: female]
If you have a web site, please list the name of your home page and the URL:
Would you be interested in volunteering for a HFA position?  YES     NO
Please place your Earliest Known Howard Ancestor Information below.  Please use this format:  Name of ancestor, birth date and place of birth, death date and place of death (burial information if known), marriage date, place of marriage, spouse’s name, spouse’s birth date and birth place, spouse’s death date and place of death (burial information if known), any comments you may have.
If you would like to make a donation (optional) to the HFA please send to Burton Howard, 6905 E. 62nd Place, Tulsa, OK  74133.  Note: Please make out your check or money order to the Howard Family Association.