Volume No. 2 ~ Issue No. 3 ~ June 2000 ~ Jen (Howard) Bailey, Editor
Introducing the 1998 - 2000 HFA Officers, Coordinators and Committee Members
President/Webmaster: Ric Howard < President@howard-family.com >
Web Site Committee:  Holli Kees
Vice President: Jen (Howard) Bailey < HFA-VP@howard-family.com >
Treasurer: Burton Howard < Treasurer@howard-family.com >
Membership Coordinator: Burton Howard < Membership@howard-family.com >
            History Committee: Len Howard
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Newsletter Committee: Judy Howard, Dana Marsh-Shumaker, and Holli Kees
To nominate yourself for any of the HFA positions open, please refer to the Nominations section within this newsletter.  If you would like to volunteer for any of the committees, contact the Jen Bailey at Volunteers@howard-family.com.
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From the President...
The Howard Family Association is nearing its two year anniversary, which means that elections will be taking place soon. We are hoping that all members will participate with the nominations and voting. This is the chance for all of you to have a say in how HFA should be run. All members are encouraged to nominate any member or themselves for any position. The positions are as follows:
Position                                   Currently Holds the Position
President                                  Ric Howard
Vice President                           Jen Bailey
Treasurer                                   D. Burton Howard
Secretary                                  Jen Bailey (temp)
Membership Chairperson            D. Burton Howard
Newsletter Editor                       Jen Bailey
Volunteer Coordinator                 NONE (Robin Lowery recently resigned)
Family Historian                         NONE (Floyd Howard recently resigned)
Webmaster                               Ric Howard
Reunion Coordinator                   NONE
Fundraising Coordinator NONE
Any member can nominate themselves or any other member. If you are not satisfied with how the HFA is being run now, this is your chance to speak up. This is YOUR Association. Everyone wants what is best for HFA. At this time, I am not certain that I am going to be considering running for the President position again. Who knows, maybe you would make a better President.  
HFA has over 170 members, but only 7 volunteers. This makes it hard to give the members everything they want or expect. Volunteers have had to resign because of health, business, personal business, and even stress. It always makes it easier for volunteers when there is a nice number of them. If we had enough volunteers, each volunteer would only have to spend a couple of hours a month on their project. However, as it stands now, most volunteers have had to spend numerous hours trying to make HFA the Association that the members expect. I would hate to see HFA dissolve because those willing to put their time and hard work into the Association get so overwhelmed, they have to resign. Please consider volunteering a couple of hours a month to help HFA to continue as we have for the last 1 1/2 years.  
Thank You,
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, President
~~ Howard Family Association Committee Reports ~~
Responsibilities of the Volunteer Committee
It is the Volunteer Committee’s responsibility to help find volunteers for positions open on all the committees of the HFA. 
*Report from the Volunteer Committee*
We are saying good bye to Robin Lowery who cannot continue as the Volunteer Coordinator.  Volunteers are still needed.  If you are interested in serving on one of the Committees or would like to Nominate yourself for one of the Officer or Coordinator positions, send an email to
Jen Bailey at Volunteers@howard-family.com
Responsibilities of the Web Site Committee:
The Web Site Committee Volunteers are assigned one or more committees to create and maintain the web pages for those committees. They work with the Committee Leader getting what information they would like to have posted there. The volunteer may create and modify the web pages in whatever application they choose and then email the HFA Webmaster the finished project to be uploaded (and linked when necessary) to the HFA Web Site.  Many volunteers are needed so that each Committee can have the necessary web pages created, maintained and updated when needed.
            *Report from the Web Site Committee*
The Web Site Committee has updated the HFEN Back Issues Page with the back issues submitted by members. We are still missing issues #38, #42, and #43.
We are working with the History Committee, to prepare web pages for them. The Web Site Committee welcomes any suggestions, comments or volunteers.
Thank You,
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, Webmaster
Responsibilities of the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining membership records of the organization, and to find ways to attract new members.  Membership Committee Members shall be assigned different tasks to accomplish these goals.
*Report from the Membership Committee*
We currently have 176 active members.  Since 11 April 2000 , we have had 6 new members join.
Responsibilities of the Newsletter Committee
Each Newsletter Committee Volunteer is assigned a section of the Newsletter, in which he or she will collect, compile and submit information to the editor for placement in the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is a quarterly publication in which HFA Members can share information with other HFA Members.  
*Note from the Editor— Those of you, who still need to send in your earliest known Howard ancestor information, please do so as soon as possible. I would also like to mention the idea of putting up a web page on the HFA Web Site in the Members Only Section, that will list everyone’s “Earliest Known Howard Ancestor”.  It will include your name, information, and contact information.  If you would like to have this done but do not want you email or postal address listed, members can contact you through me.  Please share your thoughts on this idea. I would also like to invite all members to send in their comments and suggestions that you may have on the HFAQN.  This will help us to serve your needs better and give us a chance to hear what you would like to see added to the newsletter or what improvements can be made.  Those of you who receive the HFAQN through the postal mail, who wish to submit anything to the newsletter, you can send them to me, Jen Bailey, at 821 47th Street South , Great Falls , MT   59405-5723 . 
Thank you,
Jen Bailey, HFAQN Editor
Responsibilities of the Reunion Committee
The Reunion Committee will plan the HFA Annual Reunion.  They will find a central location for which the reunion is to be held and coordinate all activities for the reunion.
*Report from the Reunion Committee*
The Howard Family Association Annual Meeting that was planned to be held in Washington , D.C. on June 23–25, 2000 , has been cancelled due to the lack of response from the HFA members.  If you have any comments on this, please send them to Ric Howard at
President@howard-family.com or Jen Bailey at HFA-VP@howard-family.com . 
Responsibilities of the History Committee
The History Committee volunteer may be asked to maintain files, organize family sheets, and keep a card index of all Howard descendants and their spouses. Also to compile and write biographical records, family histories and personal histories of Howard progenitors and descendants, and help with the Howard lineage book to be published by the family organization.
*Report from the History Committee*
At this time we do not have a Historian and need to fill the position ASAP.  If you would like to volunteer for this position, please contact Ric Howard at President@howard-family.com or Jen Bailey at HFA-VP@howard-family.com
Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee
The Fund-Raising Committee is responsible for generating ideas to raise funds for the Association expenses. Once the fund-raising activities have been agreed upon this committee will coordinate and implement the various projects.
*Report from the Fundraising Committee*
We still have a 33 cookbooks left.  They will be sold on a ‘first come’ basis.  To order a cookbook, please use the order form provided in the newsletter.  We would like to thank everyone who sent in recipes, without you, we wouldn’t have this great cookbook.  Hurry and place your order today.

~~~~ Treasurer’s Report ~~~~
Our expenditures for newsletter preparation and mailing expenses totaled $34.43.
We received donations of $55.00.
We currently have, in our Treasury, $315.15.

~ Howard Family Reunions across the World ~
If you have a Howard Family Reunion to announce, please send to Jen Bailey at Newsletter@howard-family.com or send to 821 47th Street South , Great Falls , MT   59405 .

The South East Kentucky Howards meet every second Saturday of July.

This year, we will meet in
Cumberland Gap (just across the border), TN. on July 7, 8, 9, 2000.
Our goal is 200 for 2000.

There is rafting and tubing on Friday, family meeting for lunch at
noon on Saturday, general visiting on Sunday in small groups and trips to the homesteads. There will be lots of history and heritage shared. Saturday evening there is usually a picture showing and exchange. Sometimes there is a special birthday and talent show of the cousins.
The Saturday lunch is a picnic at the park in downtown
Cumberland Gap .
There is great knowledge of lineage and many books and software exchanges.
Certificates issued for youngest and oldest present.

For more reunion info, contact:
M.Todd Howard
7920 Dawson Drive
Fishers, IN 46038
email: mthoward@altavista.com

A newsletter is being prepared. If you have anything about heritage of descendents of Ellen and Jacob Howard, please send to:
Phil Howard
8792 Crow Drive
Macedonia , OH 44056
email: post87@stratos.net
June first, 2000 . Pictures, newspaper clippings, etc.

Rooms have been reserved in the name of Howard Reunion at the Ramada Inn of Cumberland Gap. Their number is 423-869-3631. Camping of all types is within 5 minutes.

~ Howard Family Announcements ~
If you have a Howard Family Announcement (Birth, Death, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or other) please send to Judy Howard, e-mail her at jhoward@ecenet.com.
§         We would like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Ric Howard, HFA President, on the birth his grandson, Josiah Taylor Whitehead, born 1 March 2000 .  Josiah weighed 7 pounds – 11 ounces and was 20 inches long.  You can see a picture of Josiah at http://baby.hhsys.org/babyinfo.php3?BABYID=4815
§         I’d like to announce the arrival of my great granddaughter, Samantha Marie.  She joined our family circle on 21 March 2000 at 1:16 p.m., weighs 8 pounds, 7 oz., and is 20 ½ “ long.  She has dark hair and dark eyes.  Mom, dad, and Samantha are all doing well.  I’m still recovering.  Samantha is my first great grandbaby.  Peace and Gentle Sunsets, Pam < pamb@efn.org >
§         I would like to wish a Happy Anniversary to my brother and his wife, James and Kristen Howard, on 21 June.  *Jen Howard Bailey < ronjenbailey@msn.com  >
§         Happy Birthday to my daughter, Wendy J. Stewart Davis, on June 25th.  *Judy Howard in MN
~ Members Share ~
If you have any obituaries, family bible pages, newspaper articles, censuses, family stories or other items that you think would be of interest, please send to Holli Kees at Hkees@aol.com.
=+= Wilmington Star News...Newspaper 1-27-1897 ...
Mr Lewis Whitfield Howard, one of the well known and highly respected citizens of Pender county, died of hemorrhagic fever yesterday morning at 9 o’clock at his residence near Hampstead. He had been in bad
health for two weeks but the disease which resulted in his death did not seize him until Sunday last.  The deceased was between 60 and 65 years of age. He had many friends and acquaintances in this city, several of whom were classmates of his at the
State University , of which institution he was a graduate.  He served with gallantry in the late war and at the close had won the rank of First Lieutenant in the Third North Carolina Cavalry. He was wounded at Petersburg on June 21, 1864 . In 1883 he married Miss Rachel Mallard, of Hampstead, who with five children, two boys and three girls survives him.
Mr. Howard was one of the most successful fruit growers in this section of the country. Peaches from his orchard were on sale here in season, and were always of a very fine grade.
Submitted Roland J. Howard of
Hampstead , NC < Rojacksr@juno.com >

=+=Wilmington Star News Newspaper 9-28-45
Funeral services will be held today at 5 P.M. for Mrs. Rachel Howard, at the Hampstead Methodist church with the Rev. J.M. Carrol, pastor, officiating. Interment will be in
Hampstead Methodist Church Cemetery .  Active pallbearers will be Kenneth Mallard, L.W. Howard, Roland B. Howard, Bill Mallard, Sud Howard and Woodrow Mallard.  Honorary pallbearers include Harold Howard, Leonard Garrison, J.A. Howard, J.W. Saunders, J.F.  Howard , W.R. Smith, D.L. Futch, J.H. Barnhill, J.H. Garrison, H. Hansley, and Hamp Lea.  Surviving are two sons, Bernard, and James Howard (Jim)Sr. two daughters Miss Lillie Howard and Mrs. O.F. Sidbury, all of Hampstead, a
brother , Richard Mallard, of
Wilmington , and 18 grandchildren, and 20 great-grandchildren. (of which I Roland J. Howard am the oldest)
Submitted Roland J. Howard of
Hampstead , NC < Rojacksr@juno.com >

=+=THE WILMINGTON Star News 7-18-1884
Some of the largest and finest peaches in the State come from the orchard of Mr. Lewis W Howard, at Topsail Sound, seventeen miles below this city. We saw a specimen of them yesterday morning. He has ten acres in peaches and pays particular attention to fruit culture.....
(Note: LW Howard was a graduate lawyer, but never practiced, but did after the war set up a "
Seaside in Alliance Co. "for locals shipping farm produce North" I have many names of individuals who used this......) He actually was better known for the development of the "Elberta Peach"...Bernard, my Grandfather, named his third child and daughter Rachel Elberta Howard ( Norris) , and known as "Elberta Howard"... for the Peach......)
Submitted Roland J. Howard of Hampstead, NC < Rojacksr@juno.com >

=+= The following is from an article in the Michigan History Magazine written by S. Benjamin Harvey entitled "An Incident in Early Michigan History". Hope it helps someone:
"In October, 1895, I had the pleasure of meeting in Benzonia an old man who was visiting that locality for the first time in sixty years. He was John HOWARD, who was born in 1812 at
Cross Village , the son of a fur trader there among the Indians. He thought he was the first white man ever to have visited the Crystal Lake region. His early life, he said, had been more that of an Indian than of a white man until he reached his majority, as he lived mostly like the natives and spoke their language as freely as he did English. He had made many hunting trips to the Crystal Lake section of Benzie County as there was much game about the lake.  At that time all that country for the greater part was one vast unbroken wilderness. At the northeast corner of Crystal Lake in a small valley of level ground there was an Indian village of perhaps two or three hundred inhabitants. This site was bought many years later and cleared for a farm by William Wilson, a former member of the crew of the Monitor.  On a cold winter day in late December, 1831,  HOWARD happened to be at this village, when two emissaries from Black Hawk, chief of the Fox Indians in Illinois , arrived there and asked for a council meeting of the head men of the tribe. Accordingly, one  was summoned at once, he being invited to sit with them. The council house was a rude structure located in front of and not far from the present Wilson home, as nearly as Howard could determine after so many years.  When the assembly met, the oldest chief occupied the main position, and the others ranged themselves according to rank in a kind of oblong circle about the walls, with the two visitors in the center. After a few introductory words by the leader, a pipe of peace was passed around. Then the enjoys were called upon to present their case. Each in turn arose and violently railed against the white man, reciting a
long list of wrongs suffered at his hands. In conclusion, they asked for an alliance of Michigan Indians, to drive out the white intruders from the red man's hunting grounds and to kill all who might resist.  There was to be no peace making until the last man had been chased out or killed. Fortunately for Howard, he was not recognized by the envoys as a white man, so escaped any possible personal danger.  At the conclusion of these fiery addresses, there followed brief, low-toned discussion, each man with those next to him. Then the pipe of peace was circulated again, followed by a long silence, after which the head man arose to speak. It was a moment of tense uncertainty.  With piercing eye his glance swept around the circle of his tribesmen, he said that the white man had been kind to his people, and he had no particular complaint to make against him. Further, he said, the whites were too strong to be beaten in the long run, and the result would be the burning of their villages and the killing of their women and children. He  finished speaking in an air of gloomy silence. Then others, in succession, got up to speak, echoing the same views; but long before the last man would have a chance to say a word, the visiting messengers sullenly arose, wrapped their blankets about them and stalked angrily out into the dark night. Mr.  Howard said that he with the others stood on the shore and watched them disappear across the snow and ice in the direction of the lake outlet; and the Otttawas remained loyal to their white friends. Thus ended a little known, yet important, episode in the history of this part of
Michigan 's early frontier."
Submitted by Pam Gazley < pamela@multipro.com >
=+=Hello, I found these burials in Monroe County , Georgia . These are not my Howard people but thought they might come in handy leaning on a brick wall. There is NOTHING else about these people in the book.
Monroe County , Georgia , A History by Monroe County Historical Society
Forsyth , Georgia - 1979

Howard Cemetery - Off Highway 41, Forsyth to Bolingbroke Wadley Road about 2 1/2 miles down Wadley Road to left behind iron fence.
John Howard - b. Warren County, Apr 18, 1785 d. Monroe county, Mar 6, 1856, age 71 yrs. On tombstone: "He desired his political faith engrvn tomb.
Primitive Baptist Church - Mason - and a WHIG"

Howard Cemetery - on Wadley Place - Bollingbroke, no other graves near.
Daughter of P. J. and Martha T. Howard -
Aug 1, 1857
Rulie, Daughter of P. J. and Martha T. Howard -
Apr 4, 1853 to Apr 15, 1874
(Note: The Howards called their home "
Norfolk " from their home in England .)

Howard Cemetery - on Lee Williamson Road near Brent and off Brent Road towards Barnesville.
A. J. Howard - Mary 17, 1833 to Apr 8, 1894
Sarah F. Howard - Oct 2, 1837 to Nov 9, 1912
Nettie Howard - Oct 19, 1864 to June 5, 1881
Orrie Howard, wife, Slaton B. Bankston - Oct 19, 1869 to Aug 2, 1893
Augusta N. Howard - Dec 29, 1858 to Feb 15, 1940
Nancy Agnes Moore, wife of A. N. Howard - Feb 11, 1859 to Nov 7, 1945
Elizabeth G. Howard, wife E. Hall - Sep 11, 1884 to Sep 11, 1939

Shi Cemetery - Howard Cemetery - Shi Road off Route 41, about 1 mile down road in Woods to right.
*John Howard, son of Joseph and Eleanor Howard, b. Jasper County, Georgia on Feb 7, 1823 - d. Monroe County, Georgia Jul 13, 1872
*Eliza Amelia Gray, dau of Joseph and Eleanor Howard, b. Jasper County, Georgia on Aug 12, 1831 - d. Mar 18, 1889 (married Joseph Gray, Dec 12, 1844)
*Seaborn A. Howard, b. Jan 13, 1839 - d. Sep 29, 1864
*Sarah J., dau of J. and S.G. Howard and wife of James A. McCowen, b. Mar 14, 1849 - d. Mar 31, 1871
*Joseph Howard - d. June 6, 1852, age 59 years
*Eleanor Howard - d. May 1, 1862, 68 years, 1 month
*Jane Patterson Howard - dau. of Jos.
Eleanor Howard, wife of Joseph Howard and dau.
*Samuel and Jane, b.
Apr 1, 1794
*Amelia Howard, wife of Joseph Howard, b.
Aug 9, 1760
Joseph Howard, B.
Mar 31, 1762
***Joseph Benson Tarpley, son of Joseph and Eleanor Howard, b.
31, 1762
, D. Dec 28, 1826

(Transcriber's note: The birth dates are JUST as it is in the book!  It looks like this couple, Joseph and Eleanor Howard started having babies in 1760 and the last one born in 1831. NOT LIKELY!! I think whoever gave the original information must have meant for Joseph Benson Tarpley to be the son of Joseph and AMELIA Howard. Looks like Joseph Howard who died
6 June 1852 is Joseph JR. and the one married to Eleanor. )
Submitted by: Ruth Padilla < ruthptb@tcac.net >
~ Helpful Tidbits ~
If you have any helpful tidbits, Howard Book information, etc. that you would like to share, please send to Dana Marsh-Shumaker at SportyChampagne@aol.com
~~ Cemetery plots, especially in public cemeteries, are also considered land records. You can find indexes to plot deeds in the County Recorder 's Office of the appropriate county. These deeds are often invaluable because the owner of the plot may be a distant relative you didn't know about. Be certain to check out who bought the plot.

~~ Hi cousins,
From time to time we all run across information which helps fill in among some otherwise sometimes dull facts in our HOWARD ancestry. Here is my contribution. I'll be looking forward to others'.

I recently ran across an article in a book entitled, "Century Readings in English Literature" (1910) by Cunliffe, Pyre & Young which sent me down an interesting rabbit trail. Earl Henry HOWARD (1517?-1547), was a close friend of Sir Thomas Wyatt (notably remembered as the youthful lover of Anne Boleyn, later the 2nd wife of King Henry VIII) and each were authors of sonnets and poems among their other endeavors. Following at the end of this message is the article which introduces about 3 1/2 pages of selections of his writings.

From another book, "The Reformation in
England , Vol 2" (pg 484-489) (orig. pub in 1866-78), we find that there were two major families struggling for control in England , the Seymours (whose fortune and strength was rising) and the long powerful Norfolk/Howards (at one time, second only to the king) whose power was lessening.

Henry was Thomas' eldest son and "was a young man of great intelligence, high spirit and indomitable courage, and excelled in military exercises. To these qualifications he added the polish of a courtier, fine taste and an ardent love for the fine arts; his contemporaries were charmed by his poems; and he was looked upon as the flower of the English nobility. These brilliant endowments formed a snare for him."

Henry apparently became the "fall guy" in a plot to eliminate the Norfolk/Howard family from the running. Henry Howard and/or his father, Thomas (Howard)
Norfolk , in a collateral line of succession, had been named (before the birth of the king's [Henry VIII] son, Edward) as probable successors to the throne of England . Henry and Thomas had on occasion been seen to wear the "arms of England " in the "first quarter" [in his coat of arms]. This together with some private and public statements attributed to
them were used to arrest Thomas and Henry for high treason on
Dec 12, 1546 .  Henry was declared guilty on Jan 7, 1547 before the council and again on Jan 13 before a jury (after a special message from the king was read to the reluctant jurors).

"This young nobleman, only about 30 years of age, the idol of his countrymen, was executed [beheaded] on Tower Hill. Public feeling was shocked by this act of cruelty, and everyone extolled the high qualities of
the earl. His sister, the duchess of
Richmond , took charge of his five children, and admirably fulfilled her duty as their aunt, appointing as their tutor John Foxe, [the famous] author of the "Acts and Monuments of the Martyrs.""

His father, Thomas (Howard)
Norfolk was only barely saved from the same fate by the death of King Henry himself on Friday, Jan 28, 1547 . The new government declined to begin the new reign by putting to death the foremost peer of England . Thomas lived for another eight years and died in Kenninghall.

From my data, Henry was the son of Thomas Howard, (3rd Duke of Norfolk) and Lady Anne Plantagent. One of Thomas' brothers was Edmund, whose (supposed) lineage follows. Notice Edmund's daughter was Catherine HOWARD, 5th of King Henry VIII's wives who was also beheaded, accused of adultery.
Most of you know that the exact ancestry of Matthew Howard, Sr, the immigrant to
America (who is my ancestor), has not been proven to everyone's satisfaction, but this is the most common which I've seen. Please use this and all other similarly acquired information, not as proof, but as a starting point for your own research. If anyone needs more info, let me know.

See my website at < http://www.OldBooksOnCD.com >
Tom Burch (near
Tampa , FL , USA )
(GG grandson of James Marion & Margaret Elizabeth (Summerour) HOWARD)
GALLAWAY (all of these were in north
Alabama in the 1800's)

Descendants of Edmund Howard, Lord

1 Edmund Howard, Lord b: Abt. 1475
. +Joyce Culpepper b: Abt. 1490 Father: Henry Culpepper, Sir
...... 2 Margaret Howard b: Abt. 1515
.......... +Thomas Arundel b: Abt. 1505 d:
February 22, 1550/51
.............. 3 Matthew Arundel-Howard b: Abt. 1535 d: 1598
.................. +Margaret Willoughby b: Abt. 1540 in of Wollaton Father: Henry Willoughby, Sir
...................... 4 Thomas Arundel-Howard b: Abt. 1560
.......................... +Maria Wriothesley b: Abt. 1560 d: 1607 Father: Henry Wriothesley, 2nd Earl of
...................... *2nd Wife of Thomas Arundel-Howard:
.......................... +Anne Phillipson b: Abt. 1580 d: 1649 Father: Miles Phillipson Mother: Crook Westmoreland
............................... 5 Anne Howard
............................... 5 Matthew Howard, Sr b: Abt. 1609 in
England d: Aft. 1652 in Norfolk (Lower Norfolk Co), VA
................................... +
............................... *2nd Wife of Matthew Howard, Sr:
................................... +Anne Hall b: Abt. 1615 d: Abt. 1659 in Norfolk (Lower Norfolk Co), VA
...... 2 Catherine Howard b: Abt. 1520 d: 1542
.......... +VIII King Henry b: in England d: in England

"Century Readings in English Literature"
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey (1517?-1547)
Henry Howard, or, as he is commonly called, Surrey, was, like [Sir Thomas] Wyatt, actively connected with the English court. His courtly occupations, however, were not so much administrative and diplomatic as military and chivalric. From his early years up to manhood,
Surrey was the companion of  princes, and more than once his elders bargained for his marriage with a princess. As a boy of some fifteen years, Surrey accompanied the king to France , and remained at the French court. At the age of twenty, by striking a courtier who had accused him of seditious intentions, he landed himself in confinement for a few months at Windsor . These months Surrey spent in versifying, a diversion for which he had been well prepared by previous practice and by considerable reading in classical and contemporary literature. After having distinguished himself from time to time in jousts, he was made Knight of the Garter in 1541. Surrey 's impulsive and adventurous spirit, which established him as "the most foolish proud boy that is in
England ," led him to eminent military service in France , during which he called forth the king's reprimand by exposing himself needlessly to danger. By numerous angry and trenchant utterances, he eventually brought upon himself the charge of treason, which he vigorously denied, but which led, ultimately, to his beheading on Tower Hill, January 21, 1547 .

Surrey composed verse during most of his lifetime, his poems first appeared in print in 1557, when Richard Tottel published "Songs and Sonnets written by the right honorable Lord Henry Howard, late Earl of Surrey, and others." During the same year appeared Surrey 's translation of the second and fourth books of Virgil's "AEneid", a translation in which blank verse is used for the first time in any notable way in English.  Although Surrey was the poetical disciple of his friend [Sir Thomas] Wyatt, he excelled his master in range of subject, in refinement and variety of versification, and in delicacy of feeling.
            Submitted by Tom Burch < Tomburch@aol.com >
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§         Hi, My name is Lisa Lambert and I am searching for my birth family for the medical history as well as a possible reunion, I was born in Ohio in 1963 and my birth name was Sheila Ann Howard. I have the following info:  I know that my mother was born in Kentucky in 1932 and her maiden name was Howard - I know that Virginia Howard had twins born in Kentucky 14 December 1954 (Robert D. and Rona Clark). I also know that she had twins that would have been born in 1954 or 1955. I've searched the Kentucky birth index and Virginia is the only one that matched up to twins born in that time frame. I contacted Bobsey on the Howard message board and I was referred to you. Can you help? Thank you.
Submitted by: Lisa Lambert < Caylierose@aol.com >
I'm still searching for Angus McDonald Howard, b.
Nov. 12, 1820 in Sampson Co., NC. I have listed as his father, James Howard but have been told that Angus may have been James' nephew rather than a son.  Now, I'm really confused. James moved his family from Sampson Co., NC, to Copiah Co., MS in 1820 and then north to Holmes Co., MS. I have been to Angus' burial site and I have seen "A. McD. Howard" on the roster of the 7th Alabama Cavalry so I know the man existed, however, I haven't spotted him on anything else. I'm beginning to think the man just disappeared. I'm in the process of following a paper trail of vital records (when available) going back to him but so far, I haven't received anything yet. Can anyone help me out with this line? Your help would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!
Submitted by:  Nancy Howard Ford,
Marietta , GA < highlass@bellsouth.net >
§         Do you have any information on a William Willard Howard?  I am trying to help a coworker who is writing a book on the history of a fishing schooner of the late 1800’s/early 1900’s that was owned by this gentleman, and he has been unable to locate any information on this William Howard.  He could have been from NY, as the only information that has been found is that the vessels he owned were out of NY and fished in MA and ME.  Any assistance or leads to other Howard researchers would be greatly appreciated.  Submitted by:  Wayne Shepard < wshep1@bangornews.infi.net >
§         Looking for information on Nancy Howard, born 1836 in AL . She married Isaac Samuel Dowd and eventually settled in Burleson Co., Texas Their children: Fannie, James, Robert Winifred/Winneford, Lucinda, Penola and W.P. I believe there were two daughters that died young before they left Alabama . Robert W. Dowd is my great grandfather, born 1863? in TX. He married Anna Laura Bone. Nancy Howard Dowd died before 1900.
Submitted by: Yvonne Kendley < quest@clinic.net >  
§         I hope someone can help. I'm up against a brick wall on William F HOWARD (Sr.) and his wife Sarah LANE . Their son, William Foster HOWARD (Jr.) was born in Brooklyn , NY in 1859.  William (Sr). was in the merchant navy and shows up in Brooklyn city directories from the late 1850's through 1875. William (Sr.) purchased land near Texas City , TX and it remained in the family until recently. His son, William (Jr.) first shows up in Galveston , TX in 1893 -- the year he married my great-grandmother. By this time he (Jr.) was 34. On William's (Jr.) death certificate it says his parents were born in Boston , Massachusetts ; however, in the 1910 Galveston census William (Jr.) says they were born in Maine . It's my guess they were born in the late 1830's or early 1840's. William (Sr.) and Sarah do not show up in the Boston birth index. I've been searching the Brooklyn census records, but so far, no luck. Do any of these Howard's show up in your family tree? Were there any other children? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
Contact:  Pam Venn < Pamb@efn.org >
§         Does anyone connect with my line?
Isaac Howard b.1797 SC; d. aft 1850; m. abt 1814 Elizabeth Unknown.
Elizabeth b. 1797 SC; d. aft 1860
Isaac is believed to be the father of :
Joab (Sr) Howard b. c1816 SC; d. aft 1880 TX; m. abt 1838 SC(?) Winna Unknown. Winna b. c1842 SC; d. bef 1880 (TX?)
Joab Sr and Winna had the following children:
William b. 1842 SC
Isaac b. 1845 SC
Joab Jr. b.1847 GA (my ancestor)
Louis/Lewis b. 1849 GA
Easter/Esther b. 1852 GA
Alfred b. 1856 TX
At one time they all lived in the Howard Community in Haskell, TX.  
*William, who was known as Bill, had twins Eula & Lula, and Mayge.
*Isaac, who was known as Ike, and wife Cynthia had
Pearl , Early, Monroe, Rose (who m. Jim Anders), and Sis (who m. a McGregor); Monroe ran gas station in Haskell.
*Lewis - no info
*Alfred, known as Alf, had Leah, Abye, Bunyon, Joe, and Johnny
*Easter m. Hugh Meadows. They had Maxwell and Joe; moved to
California .
Joab (Jr) is also known as Joe A. Howard / Joseph Absolum Howard.
Joab Jr. b. 1847 GA; d. aft 1910 TX; m. 1879 TX (2nd?) Emily Rebecca Jones b. 1854 AL or TX; d. aft 1910 TX
Joab and Emily show the following children in house on 1880 TX census:
William Robert Howard b. 1871
Lewis H. Howard b. 1873
Martha C. Howard b. 1875
Joe Almus Howard b. 1878
George Walter Howard b. Oct 1879
John C Jones (step son) b. 1875
**by 1900 Census they have added:
Eldora Howard b. Feb 1883
Etter/Etta M. Howard b. Sep1885
Katie L Howard b. Jul 1888
Osker/Oscar N. (twin) b. Feb 1890 (my ancestor)
Arthur H. (twin) b.Feb 1890
Isaac V. b. Feb 1893
Lum b.?
Emily Rebecca had a (?)brother Wesley Jones who lived in Haskell.
*Wm. Robt.- no info
*Lewis "Henry" m.
Alice . They had Bill, Avery, M.B., Lizzie, Mattie,
Mamie Lee, Johnny (J.T.). Bill lived in
Ft. Worth ; Avery in Beyers (in 1965); the rest around Cleburne , TX .
*Martha- no info
*Joe "Almus" m. Tildie. They had Minnie (m. Noble Day); Donie (m. Ed Jayroe); Mary (m. Tom Cantwell). As of 1975 Minnie was the only one still living, residing in
Porterville , TX . Children of Donie & May live in TX and CA.
*George "Walter" m. Annie. They had Virgie (m. Vincent Stuart); Nora (m. Joe Futch); Tinnie (m. Christopher Smith); Ruth (m. Marvin Griffin);
Newton (m. Pearl Redman); Deward (m. Geraldine Breshears); Doris (m. Bill Williams). Virgie and Nora were in Waterford , CA .  Tinnie, Ruth, Newton and Deward were in Modesto , CA. Doris was in WA. 
***Virgie was the last Howard family contact with my dad before he died. She and Vincent had a daughter named Euthalva Stuart who used to live in Waterford, CA. Letters to her last known address in 1991 were returned.**
*Eldora "Dora" m. William Long. Thye had Tommy, Bertie,
Florence , Grace, and another girl. They lived near Corpus Christi .
*Etta m. William Turner. They had Melvin, Floyd, Cecil, Grady, Edna, Dorothy, Gladys (m. a Merriman). Those still living would have been around
Wichita Falls , TX .
*Kate m. Sam Riggs. They had Woodrow, Mildred (m. a Plumley); Joe, Lee, Earnest, Marvin. Woodrow was in
El Paso ; Joe was in Arizona ; Lee had a cedar post business in San Saba ; Mildred lived in San Saba ; Earnest & Marvin possibly in San Saba.
*Oscar (twin)- see below
*Arthur H.(twin) m. Rose. They had Harlan, and a daughter. Harlan writes and sings western music and supposedly made some movies. Tried but could not confirm that THE Harlan Howard is this Harlan. His bio just didn't fit the details. The family supposedly moved to CA. On the 1920 TX census, Arthur gave his occupation as "blacksmith at roundhouse". Believed that both he and Oscar were working for the railroad which was being built somewhere near Goldthwaite, Mills Co, TX.
*Isaac Virgil-no info
*Lum (could be the nickname of Isaac Virgil)- m. Delie. They had George, Baker, Johnny, May, Stella, Mary Lou (m. Black/Seay), Ruth (m. Bien). Family believed to live around
Brownwood , TX .
Oscar Newton Howard b. 19 Feb 1889 TX; d. 26 Jul 1916 TX; m. 9 Oct 1910 TX Nova Ola Barrington b. 4 Oct 1890 TX; d. 13 Feb 1987 TX (both bu Mt. Olive Cemetery, Caradan, TX)
Oscar and Ola had the following children:
Duard Arthur (D.A.) Howard b. 26 Jul 1911 TX; d. aft 1987; bu Mt Olive Cemetery, Caradan, TX
Edna Pearl Howard b. 7 Dec 1912 TX; d. 5 Feb 1913 TX; bu Mt. Olive Cemetery, Caradan, TX
Living Daughter
Vergil Newton Howard b. 24 Nov 1915 TX; d. 13 Mar 1987 WA (my ancestor)
CONTACT: Lorae Gaytmenn < gaytmenn@home.com >
§         Hello,  My brother recently came across a painting dated 1802 and signed Henry Howard.  The painting is of a military man on horseback (small, maybe 5” x 9”).  While trying to research Henry Howard on the web, I came across your site (HFA Web Site).  Do you know of a Henry Howard in your family ancestry who painted…and was alive in 1802.  I realize that Howard is a common last name, but I thought I’d write to you and give it a shot.  Thanks for your assistance.
Ralph LaGamma < gammainc@bellatlantic.net >
§         My name is Debra Ivarson. I came across your name when I was trying to track down a woman by the name of Gloria Howard Roth. you see, Mrs. Roth sent a letter to my aunt regarding the George Davis line as it related to the McCarrell family. The timing was unfortunate as it is dated about the time of my wedding and Aunt Carolyn would have put it by to deal with after the wedding. It was not until some years after her death that I found the letter. The letter requesting information about our family and children of the family. I would be happy to give whatever information that I can, but I have not been able to track Mrs. Roth down. The address on the letter is no longer valid. If you know Mrs. Roth's address, I would appreciate having it so I can give her the information, however many years late. If you would rather not or do not know Mrs. Roth, please let me know.  I appreciate you taking the time to acknowledge this note.  CONTACT:  Debra Ivarson < bivarson@aol.com >
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