Quarterly Newsletter

Volume No. 1 ~ Issue No. 3 ~ June 1999 ~ Jennifer Bailey, Editor
Introducing the 1998 - 2000 Howard Family Association
Officers, Coordinators and Committee Members
President/Webmaster:  Ric Howard < President@howard-family.com >
Web Site Committee:  Michelle Howard, Nancy Ford Howard, Don Howard, and Donna Russell
Vice President:  Marguerite Prince Songy < HFA-VP@howard-family.com >
Treasurer:  Leona L. Gustafson  < Treasurer@howard-family.com >
Secretary: Patricia Laird Howard < PAHoward@concentric.net >
Membership Chairman: Patricia Laird Howard < Membership@howard-family.com >
Membership Committee: Donna Cawiezell and Janis Nelson
Family Historian:  Nancy Ford Howard  < History@howard-family.com >
History Committee:  Larry Howard, Sandra Howard and Dana Rambler
Newsletter Editor:  Jennifer Bailey < Newsletter@howard-family.com >
Newsletter Committee:  Judy Howard, Dana Rambler, Paula H. Thompson, and Shay Turner
Volunteer Coordinator:  Robin Howard Lowery  < Volunteers@howard-family.com >
Reunion Coordinator:  Cynthia  < Reunions@howard-family.com >
Reunion Committee:  Janis Nelson, Donna Russell, and Patricia Laird Howard
Special Projects Coordinator: PERSON NEEDED FOR THIS POSITION
Special Projects Committee:  Steve Watts
Contents of Newsletter
Þ      From the President….
Þ      Howard Family Association Announcements
Þ      Howard Family Reunions Across the World
Þ      Howard Members Family Announcements
Þ      Down Memory Lane
Þ      Members Share
Þ      Queries
Þ      Membership Information
From the President.....
Another Newsletter is out and what a wonderful job that Jen Bailey and the Newsletter Committee is doing. In fact, all of the Howard Family Association Committee Leaders and members are doing a great job. We are losing a few of our Committee Leaders soon. Not as members, but they have other duties in their lives that they believe will not permit them
to dedicate as much as time as they think they should. Although I am constantly talk to them in hopes of changing their mind, I have not been very successful. the following Committee Leaders not be volunteering in the near future:
à         Robin Howard Lowery, Volunteer Coordinator  <ML69camaro@aol.com>
à         Patricia Laird Howard, Secretary/Membership Chairman <PAHoward@concentric.net>
Maybe if all of us email them and let them know what a great job they are doing, they will consider staying on. Or if you would like to be in any of the positions, email me and I will get you in the right track. We are always looking for more volunteers no matter how little of time can be given to HFA.
I feel I need to let everyone know that I receive all kinds of email and I do read it all, but I don't always get a chance to respond to each and everyone of them. If you have sent me email and I haven't responded to you, please email me again and I will try my best to reply. I sometimes
get overwhelmed with email. So, don't think I am ignoring you. At my age, I am lucky I remember I have an email account.
Last but not least, the Howard Family Association Family Reunion had to be cancelled this year and we are looking at trying for a great one in the year 2000, or as it is known as Y2K (Year 2 Thousand). Everyone this year, Y2K-1, is invited to a Howard Family Reunion being held in Ohio on July 10, 1999, near Akron. I will be there as some other HFA members. For more information you can email me at Richard.Howard@Howard-Concepts.com or mail me at:
Ric Howard
10857 Amherst Ave. #302
Wheaton, MD 20902-4348
Hope to see you all at the July 10th reunion,
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, President

~ Howard Family Association Announcements ~
Responsibilities of the Volunteer Committee
It is the Volunteer Committee’s responsibility to help find volunteers for positions open on all the committees of the HFA. 
*Report from the Volunteer Committee*
HFA has volunteer opportunities available with all committees. We need someone to fill the Secretary position ASAP.  If you are interested in this position or any of our volunteer opportunities with HFA please email me at Volunteers@howard-family.com.
Robin Lowery
Responsibilities of the Web Site Committee:

The Web site Committee Volunteers are assigned one or more committees to create and maintain the web pages for those committees. They work with the Committee Leader getting what information they would like to have posted there. The volunteer may create and modify the web pages in whatever application they choose and then email me the finished project to me uploaded (and linked when necessary) to the HFA Web Site.  Many volunteers are needed so that each Committee can have the necessary web pages created, maintained and updated when needed.
            *Report from the Web Site Committee*
The Web Site Committee has been looking at different things that could be added to the Howard Family Association Web Site. some are suggestions from members and some are from the Web Site Committee itself.
One HFA member sent an email containing the following suggestion:
"I have read with interest most of your postings. Great Job. Do you have or have your considered an ethnic data group. There are quite a few African American Howards out here trying to locate slave descendants. African American roots are very difficult to trace and possibly some of your Howard members may have some old family records they may share to assist our efforts. Thanks"
I think this would be a great idea, but would not know where to start. If anyone would like to join the HFA Web Site Committee and take charge of this task, please email me at Richard.Howard@Howard-Concepts.com or mail me at:
Ric Howard
10857 Amherst Ave. #302
Wheaton, MD 20902-4348
and I will be happy to get this going.
Another suggestion was to have a HFA Members section where any or all members could post ads for their business. After thinking about this one, we thought maybe a small Howard Family Mall would be a good idea.  This area would not have to be family related, just owned or ran by a
HFA member. What are your thoughts?
As always, we welcome any and all suggestions. Please let us know what you think. We could always use more help on the Web Site Committee, as most of HFA Committees, and welcome any assistance no matter how large or small of a contribution of time.
We are still working on making the Howard Family Association the Howard Information central station on the World Wide Web.
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, Webmaster

Responsibilities of the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining membership records of the organization, and to find ways to attract new members.  Membership committee members shall be assigned different tasks to accomplish these goals.
*Report from the Membership Committee*
The Membership Committee would like to report that the Howard Family Association has grown to 136 members.

Responsibilities of the Newsletter Committee
Each Newsletter Committee Volunteer is assigned a section of the Newsletter, in which he or she will collect, compile and submit information to the editor for placement in the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is a quarterly publication in which HFA Members can share information with other HFA Members.  
*Note from the Editor—If you have anything that you would like to add to the newsletter but do not have email, you may send it to me and I will make sure that it gets in.  Also anyone who hasn’t sent their Earliest Known Howard Ancestor for the special section being added to the September Issue, please do so as soon as you can.  The information needed is the ancestor’s name, birth date/birth place, death date/death place (burial information if known), marriage date/marriage place, spouse name, spouse’s birth date/place, spouse’s death date/place (burial information if known); comments 3 to 4 lines.  Also include your name, email address and postal address (postal is optional).  Thank you everyone for making the newsletter a success.
Jen (Howard) Bailey, Editor
821 47th Street South
Great Falls, MT  59405-5723
Responsibilities of the Reunion Committee
The Reunion Committee will plan the HFA Annual Reunion.  They will find a central location for which the reunion is to be held and coordinate all activities for the reunion.
*Report from the Reunion Committee*
The 1999 HFA Reunion in Oklahoma City has been cancelled. We would like member's opinions on when and where you would like to see the first reunion held.  You can contact me at Reunions@howard-family.com.

Responsibilities of the History Committee
The History Committee volunteer may be asked to maintain files, organize family sheets, keep a card index of all Howard descendants and their spouses, compile and write biographical records, family histories and personal histories of Howard progenitors and descendants, and help with the Howard lineage book to be published by the family organization.
*Report from the History Committee*
The History Committee is working on separating and tracing the Howard family(ies). What I need from everyone is an updated version of your GEDCOM files. I can't follow anything if I don't have it. Also, I'd like to begin work on that Howard family book. If you have links to your genealogy sites, please let Ric know so that he can post them and we all can view them ourselves.
Thanks for your support!
Nancy Howard Ford
Marietta, GA
Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee  (Coordinator Needed)
The Fund-Raising Committee is responsible for generating ideas to raise funds for the Association expenses. Once the fund-raising activities have been agreed upon this committee plans, coordinates and implements the various projects.
*Report from the Fundraising Committee*
HFA is currently taking recipes for the Howard Family Cookbook. We will continue taking recipes until the end of July. HFA will begin taking orders for the cookbook at the end of summer.  We will accept all recipes and hints. Please feel free to submit your recipes in honor of a family member.
Robin Lowery Recipes@howard-family.com

~~~~ Treasurer’s Report ~~~~
No Report Given.
~ Howard Family Reunions across the World ~
If you have a Howard Family Reunion to announce, please send to Jen Bailey at bailey@initco.net or send to 821 47th Street South, Great Falls, MT  59405.
·         Descendants of William G. Howard
October 2, 1999
Heber Springs, Arkansas at Dam Site Park, Site # 2
Contact Willard D. Howard at <whoward@tir.com>
      10799 Garrison Road
      Durand, Michigan  48429-1832
      Any Howard is invited
·         Descendants of George Lewis Howard
July 10, 1999
Mogadore, Ohio 44260 (Near Akron)
Contact Ric Howard < Richard.Howard@Howard-Concepts.com >
      10857 Amherst Ave. #302
      Wheaton, Maryland  20902-4348
      Any Howard is invited
~ Howard Family Announcements ~
If you have a Howard Family Announcement (Birth, Death, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or other) please send to Judy Howard, e-mail her at jhoward@ecenet.com.
·         Hello! It is with much sorrow that I write to you, today.  On St. Pat’s Day, March 17, 1999, my father, Charles Edwin Howard, Sr., died.  He died peacefully in his sleep, at the tender age of 63.  It was completely unexpected. 
      Kimberly Howard-Tarrington  < momikins@aol.com >
·         Leonard Melvin Howard McNutt and Marita Furman celebrated their 65th wedding anniversary May 6, 1999.  They were honored with a luncheon attended by 60 members of their family, children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and spouses.  Several came in from out of state to honor the couple.
      Mr. McNutt is the son of James Leonard McNutt of Tay Creek, New Brunswick, Canada and     
      Nellie May Howard of Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada. 
      Nellie was born to Ella Jane Howard and Harry Croker. 
      Nellie’s Ancestors:
Mother: Ella Jane Howard
Grandfather: Harmon Howard b. ca1826 Prince Edward (Island? not sure), Canada
Grandmother: Elizabeth Archer b. Canada
1G-Grandfather: John Howard b. ca1803 in Bath, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
1G-Grandmother: Annie Hicks b. ca1807 in Murry, Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
2G-Grandfather: Thomas Howard b. ca1775 in Simcoe County, Ontario, Canada
2G-Grandmother: Charlotte Richardson b. December 1771
3 G-Grandfather:  John Howard b. ca1735 near Dublin, Ireland
3 G-Grandmother: Mary Hall b. ca1744 in Pennsylvania, USA
      Mr. And Mrs. McNutt served as a missionary in several countries in West Africa from 1946-
1960. Later they both taught in the Newport Mesa School District, Costa Mesa, California.
They retired in the 1980’s.  They have traveled around the world, and visited Europe
several times.  After living for 10 years in Desert Hotsprings, California, they have recently
moved back to Orange County, California, to be closer to their family.
·         Mary Louise (Gallant) Stephenson, daughter of Harry and Lena Bernice (Howard) Gallant, passed away in her sleep in Lake Wales, Florida, Sunday, May 23, 1999.  She was 91 years old.  She is the granddaughter of John Morgan Howard and Sara Elizabeth Powell. Submitted by:  Steve Fehlhaber
·         We would like to wish Happy Birthday to member James Howard (May 29) and his wife, Kristen (May 31).  Also Happy Anniversary to the two of them on June 21st.
·         Happy 11th Birthday to Melaney Bailey (May 30), daughter of Ron and Jen (Howard) Bailey.

~ Down Memory Lane ~
If you have a Howard Family Story or any other interesting items concerning a Howard Family please send to Dana Rambler at dana@ramblernet.com.
Nothing submitted for this issue. 
~ Members Share ~
If you have any obituaries, family bible pages, newspaper articles, censuses or other items that you think would be of interest, please send to Shay Turner at shay@darientel.net.
·         From the Pocono Record, Friday, March 19, 1999
Charles E. Howard
March 17,1999
Charles E. Howard, 63, of Pocono Lake, died suddenly at home on March 17.
Formerly a resident of Willow Grove, he worked for SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority) in Philadelphia for over 25 years. Also, a veteran of the Korean War, he served in the U.S. Army.
He gave endless volunteer hours for a community he deeply loved. He attended Mount Pocono United Methodist Church for the last two years. Also, he was a member of the American Legion for the past eight years.
He is survived by his wife, Blanche (Tudor) Howard, at home; mother, Gertrude (Gwalthney) Howard of Missouri; one brother, Richard Howard of Missouri; three sons, Charles Howard of N.J., Joseph Dude of N.Y., and William Dude of Pa.; two daughters, Kimberly Tarrington and Georgette Washell, both of Pa.; three grandchildren, Joshua Tarrington, Rebecca and Zachary Washell; and several nieces and nephews. He was predeceased by his father, Edwin.
Memorial services will be held at 1 p.m. on Saturday, March 20, at Mount Pocono United Methodist Church, Route 611 and Church Avenue, Mount Pocono. Memorial contributions may be made to the Tobyhanna Township Volunteer Ambulance Corp. or the Thornhurst Volunteer Ambulance Corp., HC 1, Box 129, Thornhurst, PA 18424.
James M. Hook Funeral Directors
35 Sterling Road, Mt. Pocono
Submitted by Kimberly Howard-Tarrington  < momikins@aol.com >
~ Query Section ~
Need help finding that certain elusive family member, send you queries to Paula Thompson at pj@apex.net.
·         I have been searching for 9 years for information on Charles J. Howard, caricaturist, for McLoughlin Bros. in New York. He worked for them from 1873 to 1905 drawing all of the caricatures for their Penny Dreadful valentines. I am interested in finding personal info on him such as where and when he was born, when did he die, where is he buried, does he have any living relatives I can contact, etc. etc. etc. I have a large collection of his work but no personal information. I'm hoping that one of the members can help me find this information. Thank you.
      Contact:  Marcia Richards < alcyon@bellatlantic.net >; 1040 North Main Street;     
      Pitman,  New Jersey 08071-2416
·         Hi, I'm wondering if any of your Howards might be related to my GGGrandmother, Nancy Howard. I don't know anything about her, to speak of:
Name: Nancy Howard  Birth: abt 1830/31 North Carolina
Spouses   1: Preston Hopkins  Birth: abt 1828/30 NC  Father: William P. Hopkins (1798-1853) Mother: Esther Martin (1796-1889)  Marriage: Nov 1849 Rockingham, NC  Children: R. B.(1850-) Sara Frances ³Fannie² (~1855-) 
Notes for Nancy Howard--Sara Frances Hopkins' mother was Nancy Howard (from the Howards of VA--were at onetime quite well-to-do)
Contact: Jo Dorais <calla@cork.crosswinds.net >                                                       Web Site: Calla’s Lilies < http://www.crosswinds.net/cork/~calla >
·         I am looking for parental/ancestral information on a Loammi Howard.  He was reported to have been born about 1804 in Georgia.  He married a Delilah Anne (Annie) Prine, daughter of John Anderson Prine and Mary A. Williams.  Delilah was born Feb. 15, 1817 in South Carolina.  Loammi and Delilah were married 1833 in Mobile County, Alabama.  They had several children:  Mary Ann, Daniel, Emanuel (Manuel), Loammi, Hezekiah Karr, Harriet Axeth, John, George, Alavan Susan, Emily Jane, and Franklin.  Thank you.
      Contact: David Howard < Dhoward575@aol.com >
·         Looking for parents and siblings of George W. Howard born 23 April 1791, Maryland, died 28 June 1842, buried Clark County, Indiana, married 20 March 1819 Jeff erson County, Kentucky to Catharine Hoke born 16 November 1788, Pennsylvania, died 1 Dec 1856, buried Clark County, Indiana.  Children were: Francis (????-????), Adam (1815-1897), Catherine (1816-1898), Clara (1820-????), George (1821-1884), William (1824-1921), James (1826-1909), Gillison (1828-1892), Julia Ann (1830-????), Mary Jane ( 1832-1907), Lida (1834-1849).  Would appreciate any information. Thanks.
      Contact:  Pat Smith < mtsmith@feist.com >  7501 S. Pattie, Haysville, KS  67060
·         Looking for parents of Andrew Jackson Howard born 23 March 1865 (probably Muscogee County) Georgia and died 26 February 1938 in Phenix City, Alabama, buried Girard Cemetery, Alabama; married Josephine “Josie” Smith on 26 June 1884 in Columbus, Muscogee County, Georgia.  Josie was born 21 May 1866 North Carolina and died 13 October 1928 in Phenix City, Russell County, Alabama.  Josie’s mother was Elizabeth “Lizzie” J. M. Smith.  She was a widow.  She married J.E. Brown on April 29, 1900 and she died August 29, 1900.  Do not know the name of her first husband!  Andrew Jackson Howard’s father was born in Virginia and his mother was born in Georgia. 
      In 1870 Muscogee County, Georgia P.O. Columbus: 
      Howard, Pomelia  25 age, keeping house, born GA
      Howard, Charles   17 age, works in Cotton factory, born GA
      Howard, Andrew J. 05 age, born GA
      In 1880 Russell, Alabama  Girard Beat #1:
Collins, John M.  38 age, retail grocer, born GA
Collins, Sarah E. 27 age, wife, born GA
Collins, William  10 age, son, born AL
Howard, Pamala 39 age, sister-in-law, born GA, Neuralgia
Howard, Andrew 15 age, brother-in-law, hauls wood, born GA
Howard, George 22 age, brother-in-law, cotton mill, born GA
      This is all the information that I have on this family.  Any connections, links, information will
      be greatly appreciated.
      Contact: Pat < Pgreatho01@aol.com >
·         I am seeking the parents of James G. L. Howard, born 1883 in Fayette County, Kentucky near Lexington, oldest of four children including George, Roy, and Genevieve Josephine.  Genevieve married a Schroy in Ohio, and either Roy or George was killed in WWI.  James’ ancestors were all said to have been in Breathitt County, Kentucky, and his mother was said to have been a Gordon, and his grandmother a Llewellyn giving him his G. and L. middle names.
      Contact:  James Howard < jands@shentel.net >
·         Looking for information on Joseph J. Howard born in Montgomery County, Kentucky on 27 October 1857/58.  Father was Benn. According to Joseph’s death certificate, his mother was unknown according to information giver, a son, Ora Howard.  Joseph married Cora F. Payne on 29 December 1881 in Nicholas County.  They had 3 other children besides Ora, a son Samuel and twin daughters Nettie and Lettie (my grandmother).  Joseph died 29 April 1929 in Fayette County, Kentucky was buried in Paris (Bourbon County Cemetery).  Any information on any member of this family (except Cora F. Payne) would be very welcome.  Surnames connected with this family are Payne/Fitzpatrick.  Thank you.
      Contact: Peggy Fitzpatrick Selch <PPGIRLS@aol.com>  4113 Handley Avenue,
      Louisville, Kentucky  40218
·         I am looking for any information on Wesley and Sarah M. Howard, children:  Weakly County census 1870  Anne E., John L.  ---- 1880 Census Crockett County  Joseph, Arrie and Mattie.  Any information would be grateful.  Thank you.
      Contact:  <Meme4beach@aol.com>
·         Looking for parents of Edward Paul Howard born 1872 Tennessee……parents suppose to be John Howard and Mary/Margaret Curlee who died in Yellow Fever Epidemic in Memphis, Tennessee during 1878/79.  One proven brother of John……William Howard who married Amelia Hungerford in 1858……this Howard family of John and William’s were suppose to have been from “Middle Tennessee”……any and all help appreciated……Thanks.
      Contact: pj Howard Thompson <pj@apex.net>
 ~ Membership Information ~
If you are interested in becoming a member…….
Just fill out the membership form below and send to HFA Membership Chairperson, Patricia Howard, 7524 S. Dennis Blvd., Broken Arrow, OK  74014 or email her the information at Membership@howard-family.com
Name:   _______________________________________________________
Phone:  ________________  E-mail address:___________________________
Please send us the name of your earliest known Howard ancestor.  If known please include date of birth/location; date of death/location; date of marriage/location; spouse name and his/her birth and death information and any comments you wish to make. __________________________________________________________________________________________
If you would like to make a donation (optional) to the HFA please send to HFA Treasurer: Leona L. Gustafson, 3099 Walker Road, Hilliard, OH 43026-9759. Note: Include this form with your check or money order (made out to Howard Family Association).