Volume No. 2 ~ Issue No. 2 ~ March 2000 ~ Jen (Howard) Bailey,

roducing the 1998 - 2000 HFA Officers, Coordinators and Committee Members

President/Webmaster: Ric Howard < President@howard-family.com >
Web Site Committee: Nancy (Howard) Ford and Holli Kees
Treasurer: Burton Howard < Treasurer@howard-family.com >
Membership Coordinator: Jen (Howard) Bailey < Membership@howard-family.com >
Family Historian: Nancy (Howard) Ford  < History@howard-family.com >
            History Committee: Floyd Howard and Len Howard
Newsletter Editor: Jen (Howard) Bailey < Newsletter@howard-family.com >
Newsletter Committee: Judy Howard, Dana Marsh-Shumaker, Paula Thompson, and Holli Kees
Volunteer Coordinator: Robin (Howard) Lowery  < Volunteers@howard-family.com >
To nominate yourself for any of the HFA positions open, please refer to the Nominations section on page 20.
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From the President...
I am using this HFA Newsletter to take the opportunity to acknowledge all of HFA's volunteers.
Our volunteers at this point are:
§         Jen Bailey - Membership Chairman/Newsletter Editor/Howard FE Newsletter Editor/Secretary
§         Robin Howard Lowery – Volunteer Coordinator/Where needed when possible
§         D. Burton Howard – Treasurer
§         Nancy Howard Ford – Family Historian/Web Site Committee
§         Floyd Howard – History Committee
§         Len Howard – History Committee
§         Judy Howard – Newsletter Committee
§         Paula H. Thompson – Newsletter Committee
§         Dana Marsh-Shumaker – Newsletter Committee
§         Holli Boone Kees – Newsletter Committee/Web Site Committee
These volunteers are volunteering their time and knowledge to help all Howard Family Association Members with assistance and information to help with their research. If not for these volunteers, there would not be a Howard Family Association. They have all worked hard to make your research a little easier. I would like to thank each and every one of them for a great job they are doing. We have all hoped for more volunteers, but we are happy we have any at all. There is so much to do and it makes it hard at times for the volunteers that we do have and they work so well under the pressure. Again, thank you volunteers for making HFA a success.

We would be happy to hear from others who could volunteer a few hours a month to help HFA be the Howard Family center for information. Please contact Robin Howard Lowery at Ml69camaro@aol.com to find out how you can volunteer. If we want to keep HFA going, we need the help. You can always contact me, if you have any questions. My email is always open.
We also want to remind everyone that the HFA Board meetings are open to all members of the HFA. HFA Board Meetings are held once a month on ICQ. If you have ICQ, please email Jen Bailey at < Membership@howard-family.com > your ICQ number and she will get your name added to the list. If you do not have ICQ, go to http://www.icq.com/icqtour/ and get set up for Free. Remember all members are WELCOME, we would like more input from the members of the HFA so that we can serve your needs better.

Thank You,
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, President
~~ Howard Family Association Committee Reports ~~
Responsibilities of the Volunteer Committee
It is the Volunteer Committee’s responsibility to help find volunteers for positions open on all the committees of the HFA. 
*Report from the Volunteer Committee*
HFA would like to welcome Holli Kees to the Web Site and Newsletter Committee.
HFA is accepting board nominations for Vice President and Secretary. The
board is also accepting nominations for Reunion Coordinator and Fund Raising
Coordinator. These terms expire in September 2000. If you would like to
nominate a nominee (You may nominate yourself!) please send the name of the
nominee along with their name, address, and/or email address to
The History Committee needs volunteers to begin collecting the Howard family
history files by State. If you are interested in volunteering for the History Committee, please contact Nancy Howard Ford, Howard Family Historian, at
History@howard-family.com.  If you are interested in any other HFA volunteer opportunities, please contact Robin H. Lowery, Volunteer Coordinator, at
Responsibilities of the Web Site Committee:
The Web Site Committee Volunteers are assigned one or more committees to create and maintain the web pages for those committees. They work with the Committee Leader getting what information they would like to have posted there. The volunteer may create and modify the web pages in whatever application they choose and then email the HFA Webmaster the finished project to be uploaded (and linked when necessary) to the HFA Web Site.  Many volunteers are needed so that each Committee can have the necessary web pages created, maintained and updated when needed.
            *Report from the Web Site Committee*
The Web Site Committee has a new volunteer, Holli Boone Kees, whose first assignment is to work with the History Committee to get their web pages up on the HFA web site. The Web Site Committee is continuing to put the past issues of Ramonyca's Howard FE Newsletter up on the Internet for easy access for all Howard family researchers, when time permits.
Ric Howard
HFA Webmaster
Responsibilities of the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining membership records of the organization, and to find ways to attract new members.  Membership Committee Members shall be assigned different tasks to accomplish these goals.
*Report from the Membership Committee*
The HFA now has 167 active members. 
Responsibilities of the Newsletter Committee
Each Newsletter Committee Volunteer is assigned a section of the Newsletter, in which he or she will collect, compile and submit information to the editor for placement in the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is a quarterly publication in which HFA Members can share information with other HFA Members.  
*Note from the Editor— Those of you, who still need to send in your earliest known Howard ancestor information, please do so as soon as possible. I would also like to mention the idea of putting up a web page on the HFA Web Site in the Members Only Section, that will list everyone’s “Earliest Known Howard Ancestor”.  It will include your name, information, and contact information.  If you would like to have this done but do not want you email or postal address listed, members can contact you through me.  Please share your thoughts on this idea. I would also like to invite all members to send in their comments and suggestions on the HFAQN.  This will help us to serve your needs better and give us a chance to hear what you would like to see added to the newsletter or
what improvements can be made.  Those of you who receive the HFAQN through the postal mail, who wish to submit anything to the newsletter, you can send them to me, Jen Bailey, at 821 47th Street South, Great Falls, MT  59405-5723. 
Responsibilities of the Reunion Committee
The Reunion Committee will plan the HFA Annual Reunion.  They will find a central location for which the reunion is to be held and coordinate all activities for the reunion.
*Report from the Reunion Committee*
The Howard Family Association Annual Meeting will be held in Washington, D.C. on June 23–25, 2000. We are planning a trip to the National Archives, among other things. More details to come at a later date. We need to see how many Howard family members would be able to attend. This will help us determine group rates for hotels, etc.
Anyone who is planning to attend should contact Ric Howard at Richard.Howard@howard-concepts.com.
We hope to see you all there.
Responsibilities of the History Committee
The History Committee volunteer may be asked to maintain files, organize family sheets, and keep a card index of all Howard descendants and their spouses. Also to compile and write biographical records, family histories and personal histories of Howard progenitors and descendants, and help with the Howard lineage book to be published by the family organization.
*Report from the History Committee*
The Howard Family Association has got the United State's State pages up in the Members Only section of the HFA web site (www.howard-family-assoc.org).  At the moment all we have for each state are addresses that you may be able to use to obtain information for your Howard Family Line. We are looking for members who would be willing to be 'Lookup Volunteers'. If you have materials pertaining to Howards in a certain state, which you are willing to do simple "lookups" for others, please e-mail me at History@howard-family.com to volunteer. Please state your name, e-mail address, and materials you have available for lookups (please specify state page the materials will need to be on as well).  Canadian pages will be coming soon.

Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee
The Fund-Raising Committee is responsible for generating ideas to raise funds for the Association expenses. Once the fund-raising activities have been agreed upon this committee will coordinate and implement the various projects.
*Report from the Fundraising Committee*
We still have a FEW cookbooks left.  They will be sold on a ‘first come’ basis.  To order a cookbook, please use the order form on page 20.  We would like to thank everyone who sent in recipes, without you, we wouldn’t have this great cookbook.  Hurry and place your order today.

~~~~ Treasurer’s Report ~~~~
Net cash assets as of 02/24/00 -- $296.34
~ Howard Family Reunions across the World ~
If you have a Howard Family Reunion to announce, please send to Jen Bailey at Newsletter@howard-family.com or send to 821 47th Street South, Great Falls, MT  59405.

The South East Kentucky Howards meet every second Saturday of July.

This year, we will meet in Cumberland Gap (just across the border), TN. on July 7, 8, 9, 2000.
Our goal is 200 for 2000.

There is rafting and tubing on Friday, family meeting for lunch at noon on Saturday, general visiting on Sunday in small groups and trips to the homesteads. There will be lots of history and heritage shared. Saturday evening there is usually a picture showing and exchange. Sometimes there is a special birthday and talent show of the cousins.
The Saturday lunch is a picnic at the park in downtown Cumberland Gap.
There is great knowledge of lineage and many books and software exchanges.
Certificates issued for youngest and oldest present.

For more reunion info, contact:
M.Todd Howard
7920 Dawson Drive
Fishers, IN 46038
email: mthoward@altavista.com

A newsletter is being prepared. If you have anything about heritage of descendents of Ellen and Jaboc Howard, please send to:
Phil Howard
8792 Crow Drive
Macedonia, OH 44056
email: post87@stratos.net
by June first, 2000. Pictures, newspaper clippings, etc.

Rooms have been reserved in the name of Howard Reunion at the Ramada Inn of Cumberland Gap. Their number is 423-869-3631. Camping of all types is within 5 minutes.
~ Howard Family Announcements ~
If you have a Howard Family Announcement (Birth, Death, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or other) please send to Judy Howard, e-mail her at jhoward@ecenet.com.
v      On December 12, 1999, Douglas and Markita Howard added Morgan Christine Howard to their family.  They live in Seneca Falls, NY.  Morgan joins her older brother, Dylan, who is 5. Submitted by Darlene Howard (proud Gramma) < raldar1@hotmail.com >
v      On March 11, 2000, Wendy Jean Stewart, daughter of Ed and Judy Howard Stewart, will be wed to Ben Davis.  The wedding will take place in Spencer Brook United Methodist Church, rural Princeton, Minnesota.
Submitted by Judy Howard < jhoward@ecenet.com >
~ Down Memory Lane ~
If you have a Howard Family Story or any other interesting items concerning a Howard Family please send to Dana Marsh-Shumaker at SportyChampagne@aol.com.
Lewis Whitfield Howard was a Lt. in the Civil War and was wounded at Petersburg on June 21, 1864. Shot in the leg, his horse killed, he was able to return to Hampstead/Grovedere Plantation, and married Rachel Mallard and had the following children: My grandfather , Bernard, Hester
Elizabeth, Mary Lillian, James (Jim), and Elma.
Lewis W. Howard was a graduate , Lawyer, from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, graduating in 1858, just before the war. His oldest son Bernard was 13 as his daddy died. Rachel Mallard was 21, and Lewis 49 at their marriage in "Grant" Township after the war. This was
later changed back to Topsail Township, as the "Yankees" left and went back home up north......
Below is a memorandum from Robert E. Lee , Gen. and sent to Hon. James A. Seddon,  Secretary of War, about the action in and around Petersburg Va.  I had seen this and knew that my Great Grandfather, Lewis W. Howard, had been wounded on the 21.  I noticed this memo was dated the June 22, 1864

Since Friday last there has been skirmishing along the lines in front of Bermuda Hundred and around Petersburg. The Federal army appearzx to be concentrated at these two places, and is strongly intrenched. Yesterday a movement of infantry, cavalry and artillery was made toward the right of our forces at Petersburg, in the direction of the Weldon Railroad. The enemy was driven back, and his infantry is reported to have halted. His cavalry have continued to advance upon the
road by the route further removed from our position. The enemy’s infantry was attacked this afternoon, on the west side of the Jerusalem Plank Road, and driven from his first line of works to his second on that road, by General Mahone with a part of his division. About sixteen hundred
prisoners, four pieces of artillery, eight stand of colors and a large number of small arms were captured.
Very respectfully, your obedient servant,
R.E. LEE, General
HON. JAMES A. SEDDON, Secretary of War.
Submitted R. Jack Howard, Great Grandson.... < rojacksr@juno.com >

~ Members Share ~
If you have any obituaries, family bible pages, newspaper articles, censuses or other items that you think would be of interest, please send to Holli Kees at Hkees@aol.com.
=+= Howards in the War - William Orville Howard in Civil war died on 31 Jan 1865 on way home from civil war.  Richard Seabury Howard Revolutionary War died 28 June 1778 battle of Monmouth.
Submitted by: E Howard Berlinski < EBerlinski@aol.com >
=+= Morrow County, Ohio Census 1850  (Township Abbreviations: BE: Bennington; LN: Lincoln; CN: Canaan; NB: North Bloomfield; CR: Cardington; PN: Penn; CH: Chester; PR: Perry;
CG: Congress; SB: South Bloomfield; FR: Franklin; TR: Troy; GL: Gilead; WA: Washington;
HA: Harmony; and WF: Westfield)
Howards Listed:
Name                            Age                  Township/Page #
Howard Abraham           (54)                   BE 50b
Howard Ann                   (29)                   CH 441a
Howard Ann                   (16)                   CH 442b
Howard Barilla               (3)                    BE 50b
Howard Benj                  (3)                    HA 41a
Howard Benjamin           (13)                   CH 450a
Howard Brett                 (10)                   WF 7b
Howard Catharine           (10)                   PN 59b
Howard Catharine           (24)                   CH 448b
Howard Charlotte E.       (3/12)                CH 442a
Howard Clinton              (4/12)                WF 7b
Howard David                 (27)                   BE 53b
Howard Davis                 (6)                    HA 41a
Howard Edith                 (6/12)                CH 448b
Howard Elias                 (46)                   CH 450a
Howard Eliza                 (22)                   LN 24b
Howard Elizabeth           (9)                    BE 50b
Howard Ellis                  (15)                   CH 450a
Howard Emily                (17)                   CH 450a
Howard Esther               (7/12)                HA 41a
Howard Esther               (47)                   CH 442b
Howard Esther               (16)                   CH 450a
Howard Evaline (23)                   CH 442a
Howard Francis M.         (2)                    CH 448b
Howard Gabriel (11/12)              BE 50b
Howard Grove                (32)                   WF 7b
Howard Hannah             (25)                   BE 53b
Howard Henrietta           (7)                    PN 61b
Howard Henry                (30)                   CH 441a
Howard Hollis                (22)                   PN 61a
Howard James               (9)                    CH 442a
Howard Jane                  (11)                   BE 50b
Howard Jane M.             (5)                    CH 441b
Howard Jemima             (3)                    CH 442a
Howard Jesse                (44)                   CH 450a
Howard John                  (14)                   PN 61a
Howard John                  (32)                   HA 41a
Howard John                  (28)                   BE 50b
Howard John M.             (2)                    CH 441b
Howard Joseph (32)                   CH 442a
Howard Joseph (78)                   CH 448b
Howard Leonard             (47)                   PN 61a
Howard Levi                   (24)                   PN 61a
Howard Levi                   (69)                   LN 27b
Howard Louisa               (7)                    CH 441b
Howard Lovisa               (10/12)              PN 61b
Howard Lucy                 (19)                   PN 61a
Howard Maria               (45)                   PN 61a
Howard Maria                (13)                   CH 442b
Howard Martha              (18)                   CH 450a
Howard Mary C.             (8)                    CH 450a
Howard Mary                 69)                    LN 27b
Howard Mary                 (32)                   HA 41a
Howard Mary                 (44)                   CH 450a
Howard Mary                 (70)                   CH 448b
Howard Mason               (6)                    CH 442a
Howard Matilda (26)                   PN 59b
Howard Mead                (11)                   PN 61b
Howard Mitchell             (8)                    HA 41a
Howard Morgan (5)                    HA 41a
Howard Myron               (5)                    WF 7b
Howard Nancy               (21)                   BE 50b
Howard Nelson              (3)                    CH 448b
Howard Phidelphius W. (3/12)                 CH 442a
Howard Polly                 (46)                   CH 450a
Howard Rachael             (44)                   BE 50b
Howard Ruth                  (31)                   WF 7b
Howard Sarah                (36)                   LN 27b
Howard Sarah                (19)                   BE 50b
Howard Seely                (8)                    WF 7b
Howard Seymour           (27)                   LN 24b
Howard William (4)                    CH 450a
Howard William (27)                   CH 448b
Howard William (15)                   BE 50b
Howard Winfield Scott    (2)                    BE 53b
=+= I received this link on one of the lists I belong too.  Please take this advice and read this story.  If more counties hired someone like the person in this story we would be able to find more of our ancestors.
This would make a GREAT feature on 60 Minutes, 20/20 or Dateline! You will be MOST glad you saw this site!
Happy Hunting!
Live & Love With Abandon!
Researching the following surnames:
Visit my homepage! New and always under construction!
Submitted by Ruth Padilla < ruthptb@tcac.net >

Emma Howard, daughter of Harold, was born February 16, 1868, in Peoria, Ks.  On March 14, 1883, she was married to Thomas McDowell at Peoria, Ks. To this union, six children were born, all of whom survive their mother.
About 45 years ago, Mr. and Mrs. McDowell moved to a farm 18 miles northwest of Alva, OK. This remained Mrs. McDowell's home until the time of her passing, which occurred on December 8, 1914. She had been ill about a week.  Many years ago, Mrs. McDowell became a member of the Methodist church.
At the time of her passing she ha lived 76 years, 9 months and 22 days.  Among those who mourn her departure are the husband; the six children; Mrs. Florence Dickey, Kiowa, Ks; Mrs. Nellie McCorkle, Bristol, Colo; Mrs. Lorena Nicola, Alva, Ok; Mrs. Ollie Welch, Alva, Ok; Mrs. Minnie Hutchinson, Alva, Ok; Sgt. Harold McDowell, who is overseas; twelve grandchildren; four great-grandchildren and two sisters, Mrs. Carrie Oakes, Alva, Ok and Mrs. Nellie Lowe, Fontana, Ks.  We take this means of expressing our gratitude to our friends for their kindness and consideration shown during the illness and at the death of our loved one, The McDowell Family.
Submitted by: Pam Gazlay < pamela@multipro.com >
=+=Taken from the Miami Republican Dec. 22, 1964, page 5A
"LOWE" - Mrs. Nellie Lowe, 93, died Tuesday, December 22, 1964, at the White House Rest home. She had been ill the past six years. The daughter of Harold and Isabel Barney Howard, she was born February 8, 1871, at Peoria in Miami county and had lived in this area all of her life. She was a member of the Fontana Christian church and the Royal Neighbors of America. Her husband, Arthur Lowe, preceded her in death. Mrs. Lowe is survived by one daughter, Mrs. Lucy M. Martin of Osawatomie; two sons, Floyd L. Lowe of Lebanon, Mo., and Raymond L. Lowe of Carrolton, Mo.; eight grandchildren and 17 great-grandchildren.  Funeral services will be held at 1:30 Saturday afternoon in the Wilson and Son chapel and burial will be in the Fontana cemetery."
Submitted by: Pam Gazlay < pamela@multipro.com >
=+="Death of Harold Howard"
H. Howard, and aged and respected farmer of Osage Twp. died Friday evening, September 10, 1909 at the home one mile northwest of Fontana.  He had been in failing health for several years and the morning of his death was taken suddenly ill. His ailment was Bright's disease.  Mr. Howard was born in New York State in 1830. In 1842 he removed with his parents (John Jay and Lydia Howard) to Kalamazoo, Michigan, and ten years later, during the gold excitement in California, in a wagon train of forty wagons and 150 people, he made the trip, which required seventy-five days. He remained in California almost three years, returning by way of the Isthmus of Panama to New York and west to St. Louis by rail, and from St. Louis to Leavenworth by boat in 1855. He remained in that vicinity several years, engaging in various occupations and eventually purchased and operated a saw mill on the Marquis des Cygnes river at old Peoria City, from where he came to this county about twenty five years ago and purchased the D.H. Cooper farm, where he spent his remaining years.
Mr. Howard was a quiet, unassuming man, who took an interest in his farm and in all public affairs. He was a kind husband and father and a faithful Christian. With his wife he is survived by three daughters and one son, Mrs. Arthur Lowe of Osage twp., Clarence in Idaho and Mrs. Thomas McDowell and Mrs. Oaks in Oklahoma. The funeral services were held from the residence. The remains were buried in the Fontana cemetery Sunday.
Submitted by: Pam Gazlay < pamela@multipro.com >
=+= I live in Johnson County, Missouri.  In eastern Johnson County there is the town of Knob Noster.  In the city cemetery, at Knob Noster, I noted the following grave markers of Howards from Marshall County, WV.  The four-sided marker lists the following info: 
JNO. J. Howard Born 2/17/1846 in Marshall Co, W Va. Died 5/5/1893.
Josie E. Howard Born 5/28/48 in Marshall Co, W Va. Died 3/12/1880 in Knob Noster.
Jackson Blair, son of JNO and Josie Howard, Born 6/30/1872 in Leavenworth, Ks. Died 10/2/1910.
John Willie Howard Born 4/30/1874 in Knob Noster.  There is no death date indicated for John.
I’m not researching this family but thought it wouldn’t hurt to pass this on. If anyone needs lookups done in this area, I would be glad to help.
SUBMITTED BY: Alan Norman < arnorman@iland.net >
                            904 Coventry Court
                            Warrensburg, MO  65336
=+= Dear Cousins and Seekers: just sharing the following obit of James Eugene HOWARD Panama City, FL.
James Eugene HOWARD, age 77, of Panama City, FL, passed away Sunday, Jan. 30, 2000, at his home. Mr. HOWARD had been a resident of Bay County since 1964, coming here from Ft. Walton Beach, FL. He retired from the U.S. Air Force, and from the US Postal Service; was a member of the St. Andrew Baptist Church. He served with the U.S. Army in the Philippine Islands during World War II and the Korean Conflict. He then re-enlisted with the U.S. Air Force and served during the Vietnam Era. He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Verna HOWARD of Panama City; his sons, Michael and wife Debra of Nampa, Idaho, Mr. David HARMON & wife Mary of Montgomery, Ala., and Mr. David HARMON of Panama City, FL; a daughter: Mrs. Sandra ZURITA of Panama City; grandchildren:
Erika and Brenna HARMON of Long Beach, Miss., Stephanie and Becky HARMON of Montgomery, Ala., Patrick ZURITA of Panama City, FL, Kinsey HOWARD of Nampa, Idaho, and David CARMICHAEL of Boise, Idaho; two brothers: Mr. James HOWARD of Berea, KY., and Mr. Jesse HOWARD of Hazard, KY; four sisters: Mrs. Maxine STIENS, Mrs. Thustine APPLEBY, and Mrs. Wilma Jean Young, all of Cincinnati, Ohio, and Mrs. Shirley SNOWDEN of Cold Springs, KY. Funeral services will be held at 2 p.m., Feb. 1, 2000, at Kent-Forest Lawn Funeral Home Chapel with the Rev. Ron GALLAGHER officiating. Interment will follow at the Evergreen Memorial Gardens Cemetery. Asked to serve as active pallbearers are: Roy TURNER, Joe
ALEXANDER, Gordon ANGLIN, Jerry SINGLETARY, Bob DAVIS, and Milton JORDAN.  Asked to serve as honorary pallbearers are: members of Andrews Men Sunday School Class of St. Andrew Baptist Church, the Friday Workers in the St. Andrew Baptist Church Benevalence Center. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made to the Bay Medical Hospice or the St. Andrew Baptist Church Building Fund.
CONTRIBUTED BY: Shirley < bobert@panacom.com >

=+= Anyone Know Where James and Sara (Titus) plugs in....Bertie Co. N.C.(Lived on Cooneriscratt and Ahorisky Swamps)
Hereward (Saxon) England Rein of King Edgar 957-973  Lord Leofrick Hereward, married to Lady Godiva England.  Hereward "The Banished" , Wigenhall-Torrington Estates in Norfolk, England
Hereward...Estates in Norfolk, England.
Hereward married to Wilburga, and married during Henry II Rein.
Robert Hereward....Estate in Norfolk, England.
John Hereward married to Lucy Germond of Norfolk, England.
William de Hayward, Chief Justice/Common Pleas 1272-1307...1st wife: Alice Ufford, and 2nd wife was Alice Fillin.....The last name was "normanized " in 1297-1308
John Howard was married to Joan De Cornwall, a sister to Richard of England.
Sir John Howard was married to Alice De Boys a daughter of Sir Robert De Boys of England.
Sir Robert Howard was married to Margery Scales, the daughter of Roberyt Lord Scales, of Arundel ...England.
Sir John Howard , was married to 1st: Margaret Plaiz, and 2nd to Alice Tendring, of England......
Sir Robert Thomas Howard, his 2nd wife was Lady Margaret Mowbray..."Heiress fm Mobray`s; manh titles and estates. Father was "Lord Mobray Thomas De Mobray married Elizabeth , Dau. of Richard Fitzallen, Earl of Arundel and cousin and co-heir of John Mobray "Duke of Norfolk".
Thomas de Mobray was son and heir of Lord John Mowbray by Elizabeth Segrane, direct descendant of Robert De Vere who signed the Magna Carta for King John. Mowbray was a crusader...was killed in the battle of 1368.

Sir John Howard was the 1st Duke of Norfolk" and was married to Kathrine Moleyns, the daughter of Lord William Moleyns ...had been 4 Mobray Dukes and 1 Dutchess: Margaret of Brotherton, England....

Thomas Howard "Earl Of Surrey", and 2nd Duke of Norfolk. This was the Sire of Most Southern Families of America 1600's+ et. al. He was married 1st to Elizabeth Tilney and 2nd to Agnes Tilney. No children of either still in England.

Lord Edmund Howard married to Joyce Culpepper, the daughter of Katherine, who married Henry VIII , and 1st cousin to Ann Bolyn , mother of Queen Elizabeth. Their children were
....Katherine...Margaret...Matthew ...Thomas.

Thomas Howard 2nd wife was Ann Throughgood who fled to America to escape problem of the 1600s of the Royal Family in England. Their children were Matthew (before 1623 a land grant of 1638); Thomas ; Fredrick; Ann (Married Cecil Calvart, "Lord Baltimore"

Matthew Howard 2nd wife was Ann Hall....Matthew lived in Virginia near Annapolis and founded Norfolk Va., after the title of Duke of Norfolk in the 1600`s.

COONERISCRATT AND AHORSKY SWAMPS AREA......their children were: James; Sarah; Edward; Samuell; John; Soloman;.........I have been told unofficially that it was "Thomas Howard" of above.....but was it Thomas the first or Grandfather, or Father or son......

My line continues: John Howard , Esq. who married Frances Denson of Elizabeth City Co. of Virginia, a "Quaker Woman". They left Bertie in or about 1742 and came to Onslow Co. Va. and settled on the "Blew" (Blue) Creek area. ....Their Children were James; John ; Josiah; and
Bartholomew. The "Esq." was to denote he was a Justice of the peace etc. , and the first court held was held in his house. John was on the "Militia" of Onslow before, and during the Revolutionary War...

James Howard came to New Hanover (then) , in 1762 and settled on the "Fredericks Creek " later to be called the Virginia Creek area. He bought 303 acres from a Thomas Merrick, who had bought it earlier from a "Frederick" by land grant. in about 1726. James Howard was married to
Hester Moore and was a Major in the Revolutionary Militia of New Hanover Co. .....The "pay master", and I still have copies of some "chits" where pay was drawn to give to troops etc. James and Hester children were: Rebecca (Hall); John; James Whitfield; Issac Jarrett; Hester Ann (Nixon); Mary Agusta; Clarrissa (Williams)

James Whitfield Howard was married to Mary Leith and bought a large Plantation (actually three large farms) that totaled1525 acres....From the "low water mark, to the run of the bay", a plantation called Grovedere, in 1835....for 4000.00. Just as a matter of interest the lots alone today along the sounds here run for around 200,000 dollars (plus or minus).
James was in the war of 1812. The children of James Whitfield Howard and Mary Leith were: Robert James, a banker in Wilmington, and married Margaret Nixon. and Lewis Whitfield Howard, who married Rachel Mallard.  He was 49 at the time and she 21....They married in "Grant" Township, today it is Pender. (Changed back soon as the "Yankees left, as the
Civil War ended.)

My Lewis Whitfield Howard, married Rachel Mallard, and had the following children: Bernard; Hester Elizabeth (Simmons); Mary Lillian; James (Jim); Elma (Sidbury)....Lewis Whitfield was a Lt. in the Calvary , 41 Reg. Co. A. at Scotts Hill N.C. (next door). He was wounded at Petersburg on June 21, 1864......he lived and returned and died at Grovedere/Hampstead N.C.....He was a graduate of the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, graduating in 1858...."An average "Tolarable" student. A Lawyer, but was better known as a Fruit Culturalist....where he was known for his Elberta Peaches....later had a grand-daughter Elberta Howard.

Bernard Howard married Eliza Lenora Smithwick of Vanceboro, and Williamston N.C., and the daughter of John Henry Smithwick......they had the following children:
Lewis W; Roland Bernard; Rachel Elberta; Eliza Nora; John Monroe; Hester Williams; Lilly Mae; Earl Colin; Willy Ray; and Betty Lou......

My father was Roland Bernard Howard, who married Opal Louise Reeves of Haywood Co. of North Carolina.....Lake Junaluska, N.C....her father was William Garrett Reeves.....Dad was in wholesale Seafood business, and Mother taught school....1st and 5th. at Topsail Consolidated school here at now, Hampstead N.C. . Their children are: Roland Jackson Howard Sr. and I still live since retirement at Hampstead NC. ; Joe Garrett Howard of Asheboro N.C. ; and Carolyn Howard Ham, of Camden SC .
CONTRIBUTED BY: R. Jack Howard < rojacksr@juno.com >

Virginia Creek and the area surrounding that area being developed by "Pelican Reef" on beautiful Virginia Creek, was not always called by those names. This part of Topsail Sound was granted to a man identified only as "Frederick" in 1728. About the same time a Richard Nixon was getting a land grant on those portions south . This was a year before the area was deemed to be located in New Hanover County. Frederick lived on the approximately 300 acres and sold it to a Thomas Merrick in 1737. Both deeds are still on file in the old records of the New Hanover County Registrar of Deeds office in Wilmington. 
A James Howard, and wife Hester Moore Howard, bought 203 acres from Thomas Merrick on the creek by deed in 1762 and it name was changed sometime during his 35 year tenure of the  property. This was the same James Howard, who during the Revolutionary War, served as a paymaster for the Continental Troops. He was a major in the Continental Militia.  This James Howard and Hester Moore Howard, were the parents of James Whitfield Howard who bought  three tracts of land...a total of 1525 acres....that today encompass all that is called Hampstead N.C. in 1835.  This land, and surrounding, had been land granted to a Richard Nixon in 1728 . The first tract, beginning over to the north at Campbell Creek, was a smaller part deemed "Old Grovedere" and originally owned by a Campbell. The second and middle of the three tracts was at old Mobson Road, today Factory and Peanut Roads. Near the center was the Mobson Plantation. The third tract was to the south and called "The Ennett Plantation, and bordered today’s Deerfield", and part of it.  James W. Howard lived on the three combined tracts, now called Grovedere Plantation , for many years until his death in 1837. He also still owned some property near Virginia Creek, and on "Wolvin Ridge" by inheritance. His father having purchased the Wolvin Ridge property from the McClammy brothers, neighbors at the time.... James  Whitfield Howard had but two boys. One was Robert James Howard, who married a Margaret Nixon, and the two of them lived on a large portion of what is today the Belvedere, and Olde Point Golf courses.
The second son was Lewis Whitfield Howard, who married Rachel Mallard, and settled and lived where his father first lived. Today, Factory Landing overlooks Howards Landing and Howards Channel. There were three plantation homes located on the sound, overlooking the Howard Channel . The first built by James W......burned during or right after the civil war. The second built by Lewis W., and a third that was torn down, as the Hunnicutt family built there on the same location.  Grovedere ran from the "low water mark to the run of the bay", from Campbell Creek to about the Deerfield property and then some.  The area of Hampstead, today, was first settled by mostly Onslow County families early on : Batts, Batson, Howard, Nixon , Ennett, McClammy........and some later such as the Sidbury et. al. ......As you continue southwestward about this time you find......Nixon, Foy, Jonathon, and Soloman Ogden, and et. al.  Bordering Pelican Reef....Freedericks' Creek property was the old Ashe property that was granted to a member of the Baptista Ashe Family, also in 1727-28. The old house still stands and has been declared one of the oldest houses still standing in North Carolina.
The house was sold several years later to a Baptist Minister from Lenoir Co., Lewis Whitfield. He settled his oldest daughter Rachel Whitfield on the property and she married a Wright whose daughter married "old" Dougal McMillan.   Many still remember fondly Miss Nellie and Janie  McMillan. Old Mr. Dougal McMillan founded the first Presbyterian Church in Topsail, the only church for man years. Most here at the time were of that faith. Later, a large Mormon  congregation was established. The Howards were Presbyterian prior to the founding the  Pentecostal Holiness Church in 1904, and as it failed, Rachel Mallard Howard, took back the property and building, and the first Methodist church was built in 1929. The Howard Cemetery is still located at the original location, as the Methodist Church has been sold and relocated. The Cemetery is now the property of the Hampstead United Methodist Church, and like the older Mormon Cemetery, is a protected and registered cemetery.
By 1892 the Weldon railroad spur had been finished from Wilmington to Jacksonville and by 1893 to Pollocksville and New Bern. The railroad placed English names on the many stops along tracks: Hampstead, Annandale, Folkston, Edgecombe and others....The first property holders in this area were of English descent, who came down from Virginia, along with people from Bertie, Craven and Onslow Co's.  Many came to this country to get away from the rebellion of the "Round Heads", during the Cromwell versus the Crown and Catholic Church Disputes. Most were loyal to the King of England and left to come to the New World to escape all of the turmoil of the time.  We were Farmers and Fishermen.... In the beginning we were Protestant, and all  worshiped the one God....We were materially poor....and family rich. We were secure, in a place where the water and air were clean....
Saying that the name was not given in early years could sum up the total genealogy of Hampstead proper. We find it in use in 1835. However the land is of much interest...being PART of an earlier patent to Richard Nixon 1728. 
500 acres 64.... Francis McIlwean and his wife Mary, formerly Mary Nixon, daughter of Richard Nixon to Charles Hollingsworth. 
390 acres 1778...Charles Hollingsworth to Norman Harrison Chevers and David Forbes. 505 acres...1829 Henry B. Howard to Alexander Anderson 
505 acres...1832 Ed Dudley and A. Anderson, assignees of Henry B Howard to Moses Westbrook
505 acres 1835...Moses Westbrook to James W. Howard for 4500.00
5 tracts "A plantation call Grovedere" ...Hampstead today, and more. .... James Howard younger son Lewis Whitfield son inherited the property later on, and Lewis Howards sons Bernard Howard, and James (Jim) eventually held what was left at their maturity...Elmore Howard son of James Howard, and Joe G. Howard, grandson of Bernard, have since sold into the development called Forest Sound. Prior Howard Simmons Sr. son of Hester Elizabeth Howard Simmons, had sold parts, and The properties located south of Grovedere on the sound were sold by her son Howard Simmons Sr. , to Mr. Hampton Lea Sr. in the early 1900`s as the Lea family had arrived from Southport, where they were tenant fishermen, cominging originally from Charleston S.C. ... The property did include from Campbell creek.... to and part of Deerfield development....from the "low water Mark", to the "run of the bay. 1525 acres. Much has been sold over the years by Bernard Howard heirs....James and heirs ...and Hester Howard Simmons, and heirs...
Thanks all you Howards out there......see if you can plug in to us along our way......... and thank you Jen Bailey.....

Submitted by R. Jack Howard < rojacksr@juno.com >
=+= I have been looking for information on my gg grandmother whose name was Francis Emma Howard and found this info looking for something else. Please post for the benefit of others.
Just discovered these HOWARD marriages located in Orange County NC - MARRIAGES - Marriage Bonds D - J, Indexed by Groom File contributed for use in USGenWeb Archives by Betty Mayes > ulalee@visionet.org <
Book Two Orange County, NC Marriage Bonds. D - J
Howard, Anderson          Nancy C. Briggs            27 Nov. 1811     Thos. Reavis.
Howard, Charles            Sarah Faucett                26 Mar. 1839     John Latta.
Howard, George W.        ? ?                                14 Sept. 1865    A. S. Lewter.
Howard, Henderson        Martha Carlton               22 Jan. 1861      Jas. Herndon.
Howard, John                 Elliner Bates                  16 Jan. 1797      Jonathan Thompson.
Howard, John                 Frances Sykes              17 Feb. 1851     M. G. Sykes.
Howard, Julis                 Elizabeth E. Sykes        19 Jan. 1842      Wm. Crawford.
Howard, Larkin               Rachel Herndon             21 Oct. 1801     Richard Johnston.
Howard, Richard            Peggy Wittle                 10 July 1813      David Tate.
Howard, Richard G.        Salin E. Workman          12 Mar. 1864     Thos. Cates.
Howard, Thomas            Susannah Witty             31 July 1811      Wm. Goarly.
Howard, Thomas            Sarah Sheeler                10 May 1859     John P. Faucett.
Howard, Thomas W.       Elizabeth Riley              10 Feb. 1863     Thos. C. Hayes.
Howard, Thomas            Jensey Dickerson          25 Mar. 1826     Jesse O'Daniel.
Howard, Wm.                Nancy Sanders              25 Mar. 1831     Robert Ashley.
Howel, Alex.                  Mary Jane Wallis           1 Oct. 1860       Wm. Day.
Submitted by Glenda S. Nothnagle < glendan@frontiernet.net >

=+=Michigan Death Records: GENDIS Search Results
For more information on any of these persons, go to http://www.mdch.state.mi.us/PHA/OSR/gendis/index.htm, click on initiate Gendis, type in Howard in Decedent’s Last Name.  This list of persons with appear, just click on the name you want more information on.
HOWARD, ABEL - 6-May-1871 - Howard - Lapeer
HOWARD, ABIGAIL - 14-Mar-1867 - Not recorded - Hillsdale
HOWARD, ADDIE A - 1-Oct-1870 - Howard - Calhoun
HOWARD, ALBEN - 16-Dec-1867 - Howard - Calhoun
HOWARD, ALONSON - 1-Apr-1871 - Howard - Calhoun
HOWARD, ALVEN H - 12-Jan-1874 - Howard - Grand Traverse
HOWARD, ALVEY E - 12--1873 - Howard - Grand Traverse
HOWARD, AMANDA M - 2-May-1879 - Howard - Macomb
HOWARD, AMORETTE - 0--1867 - Howard - Hillsdale
HOWARD, ANDREW - 29-Jul-1877 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, ANNA - 0-May-1878 - Not recorded - Eaton
HOWARD, ARLETTA - 30-May-1873 - Nicholson - Oakland
HOWARD, ARRIN F - 19-Nov-1875 - Howard - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, ARTELISSA - 8-Jul-1880 - Elwood - Genesee
HOWARD, AUGUSTA S - 14-Nov-1869 - Not Listed - Muskegon
HOWARD, BARNARD B - 12-Aug-1870 - Howard - Hillsdale
HOWARD, BETTY JANE - 23-Feb-1872 - Sheals - Eaton
HOWARD, BRADY M - 23-Aug-1871 - Howard - Allegan
HOWARD, CATHERINE R - 23-May-1873 - Howard - Shiawassee
HOWARD, CATHERINE - 31-May-1869 - Howard - Kalamazoo
HOWARD, CATHRINE - 7-Oct-1875 - Ritter - Wayne
HOWARD, CELENDIE - 20-Aug-1873 - Unknown - Wayne
HOWARD, CHARLES D - 19-Jun-1867 - Howard - Ottawa
HOWARD, CHARLES M - 20-Dec-1879 - Howard - Saint Clair
HOWARD, CHARLES - 10-Aug-1880 - Howard - Washtenaw
HOWARD, CHARLES - 15-Mar-1870 - Unknown - Wayne
HOWARD, CHARLES - 7-Dec-1874 - Howard - Kent
HOWARD, CHARLES - 27-Apr-1880 - Not recorded - Huron
HOWARD, CHRISTINA - 11-Jun-1882 - Not recorded - Newaygo
HOWARD, CLARA A - 5-May-1877 - Farrington - Midland
HOWARD, CLARISSA - 4-Oct-1877 - Greene - Wayne
HOWARD, DANIEL - 16-Dec-1874 - Howard - Kent
HOWARD, E - 3-Apr-1873 - Howard - Washtenaw
HOWARD, EDDIE - 11-Sep-1874 - Howard - Saginaw
HOWARD, EDITH - 23-Dec-1871 - Howard - Berrien
HOWARD, EDWARD - 15-Nov-1878 - Not recorded - Wayne
HOWARD, EDWIN - 17-Sep-1873 - Howard - Saginaw
HOWARD, ELIZA L - 28-Oct-1868 - Rose - Van Buren
HOWARD, ELIZA - 1-Nov-1872 - Walker - Cass
HOWARD, ELIZABETH - 29-May-1882 - Not recorded - Van Buren
HOWARD, ELIZABETH - 28-Nov-1872 - Unknown - Montcalm
HOWARD, ELLEN - 0-Feb-1881 - Not recorded - Shiawassee
HOWARD, ELSA - 7-Aug-1881 - Howard - Jackson
HOWARD, EMELINE - 3-Oct-1872 - Howard - Bay
HOWARD, EMILY - 8-Oct-1872 - Broughton - Kent
HOWARD, ESTER - 4-Oct-1880 - Not recorded - Saint Clair
HOWARD, EVE E - 5-May-1877 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, EZRA - 0--1869 - Not Given - Eaton
HOWARD, FARLEY M - 27-Oct-1880 - Howard - Berrien
HOWARD, FLOYD - 20-May-1881 - Howard - Kent
HOWARD, FRANCIS - 15-Sep-1879 - Howard - Houghton
HOWARD, FRANK B - 5-Dec-1879 - Not recorded - Iosco
HOWARD, FRANK J - 22-Mar-1876 - Howard - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, FRANK P - 5-Apr-1874 - Unknown - Jackson
HOWARD, FRANK - 1-Mar-1871 - Howard - Lapeer
HOWARD, FRANK - 26-Oct-1876 - Not recorded - Wayne
HOWARD, FRANK - 5-Apr-1877 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, FRANKIE - 6-Apr-1872 - Not recorded - Hillsdale
HOWARD, FREDDIE C - 10-Mar-1875 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, FREDERICK - 2-Aug-1878 - Howard - Calhoun
HOWARD, FREDERICK - 24-Nov-1872 - Howard - Jackson
HOWARD, FREEMAN - 26-Mar-1869 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, GEORGE S - 22-Sep-1876 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, GEORGE - 13-Mar-1876 - Not recorded - Mecosta
HOWARD, HARRY E - 19-Aug-1882 - Howard - Ionia
HOWARD, HELLEN - 5-Aug-1868 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, HENRY - 26-Feb-1867 - Not recorded - Oakland
HOWARD, HERMAN H - 5-Apr-1869 - Howard - Grand Traverse
HOWARD, HORACE - 12-Dec-1876 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, INFANT - 7-Mar-1882 - Howard - Newaygo
HOWARD, ISABELLE - 15-Nov-1878 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, ISABELLE - 4-Jan-1879 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, JACOB M - 2-Apr-1871 - Unknown - Wayne
HOWARD, JAMES - 16-Mar-1871 - Unknown - Benzie
HOWARD, JAMES - 26-Jul-1875 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, JAMES - 28-Dec-1867 - Not recorded - Lapeer
HOWARD, JANE - 30-Oct-1867 - Not recorded - Tuscola
HOWARD, JANETTE - 4-May-1871 - Not recorded - Ionia
HOWARD, JERRY - 18-Nov-1869 - Not recorded - Shiawassee
HOWARD, JESSIE - 21-Dec-1870 - Not recorded - Macomb
HOWARD, JOHN A - 30-Apr-1880 - Howard - Kalamazoo
HOWARD, JOHN D - 6-Dec-1871 - Howard - Berrien
HOWARD, JOHN - 24-Jul-1879 - Not recorded - Lenawee
HOWARD, JOHN - 15-Mar-1871 - Not recorded - Jackson
HOWARD, JOHN - 1-Dec-1874 - Howard - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, JOHN - 10-Jun-1870 - Howard - Kent
HOWARD, JOHN - 29-Jun-1870 - Howard - Kent
HOWARD, JOHN - 12-Oct-1871 - Not recorded - Oakland
HOWARD, JOSEPH - 10-Dec-1869 - Not Known - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, JOSEPH - 8-Sep-1869 - Not Known - Washtenaw
HOWARD, JOSEPH - 31-May-1875 - Not recorded - Wayne
HOWARD, JULIA A - 25-Feb-1878 - Not recorded - Ionia
HOWARD, JULIA - 31-Jul-1868 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, JULIA - 28-Nov-1870 - Howard - Manistee
HOWARD, LABAN - 25-May-1869 - Not recorded - Hillsdale
HOWARD, LAURA - 4-May-1874 - Howard - Lapeer
HOWARD, LAURIE - 27-Nov-1877 - Howard - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, LAVINIA - 23-Mar-1871 - Reed - Lenawee
HOWARD, LENA E - 14-Mar-1875 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, LENORA - 23-Jul-1874 - Howard - Calhoun
HOWARD, LETTIE - 25-Apr-1876 - Thomas - Calhoun
HOWARD, LEWIS T - 18-Sep-1876 - Not recorded - Washtenaw
HOWARD, LILY - 15-Feb-1880 - Howard - Saint Clair
HOWARD, LOKESTA - 20-Nov-1878 - Not recorded - Branch
HOWARD, LORA - 29-Oct-1873 - Brighton - Van Buren
HOWARD, LORI A - 15-Nov-1871 - Howard - Hillsdale
HOWARD, LOUISA A - 26-Jan-1873 - Howard - Kalamazoo
HOWARD, LOUISA A - 12-Dec-1871 - Not recorded - Berrien
HOWARD, LOULLA - 30-May-1873 - Nicholson - Oakland
HOWARD, LUCEBA - 18-Oct-1870 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, MABEL - 14-Aug-1874 - Howard - Wayne
HOWARD, MARCA - 12-Jan-1875 - Howard - Hillsdale
HOWARD, MARGARET - 26-Sep-1882 - Not recorded - Wayne
HOWARD, MARGARET - 5-Oct-1872 - Howard - Kent
HOWARD, MARGRET - 27-Jan-1878 - Peter - Shiawassee
HOWARD, MARIAH - 27-Aug-1882 - Not recorded - Lenawee
HOWARD, MARIAH - 5-Nov-1872 - More - Shiawassee
HOWARD, MARTIE - 16-Nov-1878 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, MARY A - 23-Dec-1881 - Not recorded - Washtenaw
HOWARD, MARY A - 27-Dec-1874 - Howard - Grand Traverse
HOWARD, MARY C - 1-Apr-1874 - Mann - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, MARY E - 26-Oct-1872 - White - Allegan
HOWARD, MARY F - 23-Aug-1870 - Howard - Saint Joseph
HOWARD, MARY L - 23-Oct-1873 - Howard - Hillsdale
HOWARD, MARY L - 13-Jan-1875 - Howard - Jackson
HOWARD, MARY - 29-Jun-1868 - Hofferman - Saginaw
HOWARD, MICHAEL F - 28-Aug-1870 - Howard - Ingham
HOWARD, MICHAEL - 19-Apr-1878 - Not recorded - Washtenaw
HOWARD, MILVILLE - 8-Oct-1876 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, NANCY - 12-Dec-1881 - Not recorded - Wayne
HOWARD, NO NAME - 19-May-1875 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, ORLANDO P - 5-Aug-1870 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, PERCY H - 8-May-1879 - Howard - Macomb
HOWARD, PETER - 27-Nov-1872 - Unknown - Wayne
HOWARD, PHINEAS - 8-Feb-1873 - Unknown - Hillsdale
HOWARD, REBECCA - 24-Feb-1873 - Unknown - Lenawee
HOWARD, REGNILD - 18-Aug-1881 - Howard - Charlevoix
HOWARD, SAMUEL L - 12-Aug-1877 - Howard - Cass
HOWARD, SANFORD - 11-Mar-1871 - Unknown - Ingham
HOWARD, SARAH J - 21-Jan-1873 - Howard - Shiawassee
HOWARD, SARAH - 3-Aug-1877 - Not recorded - Allegan
HOWARD, SILAS - 29-Jan-1882 - Not recorded - Delta
HOWARD, THOMAS - 24-Apr-1877 - Not recorded - Eaton
HOWARD, TIMOTHY - 24-Oct-1875 - Not recorded - Wayne
HOWARD, TIMOTHY - 17-Aug-1873 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, TISDALE - 5-Dec-1870 - Not Known - Calhoun
HOWARD, VERNON - 29-Jun-1873 - Howard - Van Buren
HOWARD, WALLACE - 15-Mar-1867 - Howard - Lenawee
HOWARD, WALTER - 3-Sep-1875 - Howard - Bay
HOWARD, WILLIAM B - 27-Nov-1870 - Notgiven - Wayne
HOWARD, WILLIAM - 8-Aug-1882 - Howard - Jackson
HOWARD, WILLIAM - 18-Sep-1882 - Not recorded - Kent
HOWARD, WILLIAM - 0-Jan-1881 - Howard - Shiawassee
HOWARD, WINFIELD - 4-Oct-1869 - Howard - Bay
HOWARD, WINFIELD - 9-Nov-1870 - Howard - Macomb
HOWARD, WM E - 3-Oct-1874 - Howard - Kalamazoo

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Ø       The Bijou Theatre in Wilmington N.C. built and owned by "Foxy" James Howard, was one of the oldest of all theatres in the United States, and the oldest in North Carolina!!! A picture of it and of "Foxy" standing in front of the theatre can be seen in Dr. Fales, MD., book on Wilmington, and the early years....Dr. Fales, was quiet a historian on Wilmington, N.C. and gave me lots of  genealogy on the Howards, and other families, along with Mr. Bill Reaves, director of the Wilmington Museum...........
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Ø       Looking for ancestors of Abraham Howard, b. 8 Mar 1811 in PA, married Mary Ann Darr b. 3 Dec 1823 in PA.  Moved family to DeSoto, Jackson Co., IL.  Abraham died 10 Mar 1886 and Mary died 3 Jul 1908.  Children: David married Martha Shirley, Peter married Mary Ann Williams, Phillip married Emma Hurst, Sara married John William Gosnell, John married Maggie McClain, Henry married Minnie Belle King/Crew, and Catherine married John William Murray.
CONTACT:  Nila Combs < sncombs@earthlink.net >
Ø       Looking for any information on Martha Savannah Howard b.1840 Alabama d.aft 1873 Texas married John M. Honea/Honey, Sr. 15 Jan 1856 Cherokee Co., Tx. Also married (dates) unknown: Bill/William Cavander. Seeking her parents, siblings, place of death, place of birth and any other information you might have on her.   Thanks,
CONTACT:  Holli Boone Kees < HKees@aol.com >

Ø       I descend from John E. HOWARD of New York and Michigan: John J. (Jay) > Harold > Nellie.  Am just starting; is there anyone in the association that is also of this line??
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Ø      My great-great grandfather was Abraham Howard born 8 March 1811 (believed to be in Westmoreland County, PA).  First records I have been able to locate are census for 1850, which showed he was in Westmoreland County.  About 1863, he moved his family or younger part of it, to Jackson County in Illinois.  If anyone has information on this family or is interested in a listing of children, etc. please contact me.
CONTACT:  Sharon Burnes < rlb225@aol.com >
Ø       My Great Grandfather John Maney Honea, JR. married Mary Cathren Molly Melvina Kiser.  John’s parents names were: John Honey SR. and Martha Savannah Howard.  Molly’s parents names were Benjamin Kizer and Mary Howard.  Now to top the story off…Mary had a daughter named Savannah Lee Kizer…Martha had a daughter named Savannah Susie Honea…coincidence?  I don’t think so…Martha was born in 1840…while Mary was born in 1848.  I’m assuming that they were probably sisters, maybe cousins of some sort.  But I’ve yet to find any Howards that have daughters born about that time.  I know that Martha married in 1856 in Cherokee County…but I’ve yet to find any Howards in the area that match.  When Mary and Benjamin died…Jake Bouseman took two of the three orphans of theirs…leaving Savannah with another family…strange huh?  Well that’s my heritage on the Howard’s.  My hardest line to date so far…and I’m doing over 100 surnames each one with a database of their own.  If you have any information, please contact me.
CONTACT:  Holli Boone Kees  < HKees@aol.com >
Ø       I have been told, or heard that James Howard who arrived in Nansemond Co. in Virginia in the 1600’s, and was married later to Sarah Titus, daughter of Thomas Titus also of Nansemond Co., and had given much land to his son-in-law and daughter, before they moved to Bertie Co., N.C. ….. born of this marriage were, in order: James, Sarah, Edward, Samuell, John, and Solomon (the younger Solomon, inherited the Bertie Co. property on Cooneriscritt and Ahorsky Swamps area ….. today called Ahoskie N.C.)  My John came to Onslow Co. in 1742 ….. His two older brothers ….. James, and Edward had already arrived in Onslow.  And ………. etc.  Does anyone out there know who was the father for sure of James Howard, who married Sarah Titus ….. and anything about James other than what I mentioned above ….. I sure would be appreciative ….. Was it Thomas?? And if so ….. which Thomas was it ….. the father, son or grandfather ….. ??  Thanks all …..
CONTACT:  Roland J. Howard, Sr. < Rojacksr@juno.com >
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