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Volume No. 1 ~ Issue No. 2 ~ March 1999 ~ Jennifer Bailey, Editor
 Introducing the 1998 - 2000 Howard Family Association
Officers, Coordinators and Committee Members
President/Webmaster:  Ric Howard < >
Web Site Committee:  Michelle Howard, Nancy Ford Howard, Don Howard, and Donna Russell
Vice President:  Marguerite Prince Songy < >
Treasurer:  Leona L. Gustafson  < >
Secretary/Membership Chairman:  Patricia Howard  < >
Membership Committee: Donna Cawiezell and Janis Nelson
Family Historian:  Nancy Ford Howard  < >
History Committee:  Larry Howard, Sandra Howard and Dana Rambler
Newsletter Editor:  Jennifer Bailey < >
Newsletter Committee:  Judy Howard, Dana Rambler, Paula H. Thompson, and Shay Turner
Volunteer Coordinator:  Robin Howard Lowery  < >
Reunion Coordinator:  Cynthia  < >
Reunion Committee:  Janis Nelson, Donna Russell, and Patricia Laird Howard
Special Projects Coordinator:  PERSON NEEDED FOR THIS POSITION
Special Projects Committee:  Steve Watts
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From the President.....

The Howard Family Association has been growing in a rapid rate and we seem to be getting more organized as we grow. I cannot stress enough the importance of everyone knowing that the Association belongs to all of the members not just a hand full of us. I ask that every member be a part of the Association. To do this, you can volunteer your time, offer your expertise, make suggestions, or just send your GED file or family reunion information.
I would also like to announce that we are now taking sponsors for our Association to help with some of the expenses. These sponsors will be Howard family members and not outside of the Howard family. Our first sponsor is Howard Concepts, which happens to be owned by me, that will be paying for all the web site expenses. This will include the two Web Hosting Sites and the two domain names. Anyone who would like to have there business sponsor any part of the Howard Family Association, please email me at  or write to Ric Howard at 10857 Amherst Ave. #302; Wheaton, MD 20902-4348. We will place a banner on numerous web pages for you. You may send a banner that you create or we can create one for you. Since we do not have membership fees and only ask for donations, we could use anything we can get.
On another note, we have been able to obtain unlimited redirection email addresses. What this means is that we can now give any member an email like and have it automatically forward to any email address. In my case, it would be redirected to, so, if you would like a email address, just email me with the email address you want and the email address that you want it to be redirected to. We do have our own SMTP server, but only have 10 emails right now. We will have to see if it would be worth it, money wise, before pursuing it. It may cost us an extra $22.00 per month and we do not have the funds at this time.
I would like to end with the statement "Lets make this the Howard Family Information Center of the World."
Thank You
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, President
~ Howard Family Association Announcements ~
Responsibilities of the Volunteer Committee
It is the Volunteer Committee’s responsibility to help find volunteers for positions open on all the committees of the HFA. 
*Report from the Volunteer Committee*
HFA has several projects underway. The History Committee is ready to begin collecting family data for the Howard Family book, the Fundraising Committee is ready to begin the cookbook, and the Reunion Committee is currently planning for the family reunion in June. HFA needs volunteers to keep projects like these active.
Listed below are the current volunteer openings:
Fundraising (This Committee needs a Coordinator), Website, Reunion, History, Special Projects (This Committee needs a Coordinator), Membership, Volunteer Committee.
If you are interested in volunteering, email Robin at
Responsibilities of the Web Site Committee:

The Web site Committee Volunteers are assigned one or more committees to create and maintain the web pages for those committees. They work with the Committee Leader getting what information they would like to have posted there. The volunteer may create and modify the web pages in whatever application they choose and then email me the finished project to me uploaded (and linked when necessary) to the HFA Web Site.  Many volunteers are needed so that each Committee can have the necessary web pages created, maintained and updated when needed.
            *Report from the Web Site Committee*
The Howard Family Web Site Committee has been updating the site and making numerous changes. There has been a new GED index page added for any HFA member to their GED file indexed. So far though, there are only 2 members who have submitted their GED file. If you want your GED file indexed and posted, please email or mail your GED file to Ric Howard at
 or 10857 Amherst Ave. #302; Wheaton, MD  20902-4348.
Another addition to the Howard Family Web Site is "HFA Members Family Reunions", where you can post your family reunion in on central location for all to see. Again, we have not gotten a huge number of submitters.  If you would like to have your family reunion posted on the Howard Family Web Site, you can contact Ric Howard at or 10857 Amherst Ave. #302; Wheaton, MD
There has been many changes with the location of the HFA sites, which have not effected the visitors, to better the web site. The domain is located on 25MB hosting site. The domain is now located on a 400MB hosting site.  Most of you should not have even noticed any change, since the new location was updated prior to the domain being moved. With 400MB to work with, we should have plenty of space to make the Howard Family Association Web Site an overwhelming location of information. But, we need your help and suggestions.
We had a great suggestion from Ed Howard to do the following:
Why not put together a directory that includes occupations and areas of expertise. That way we can identify other Howards with common interests, station in life, and maybe even throw some business someone's way. I think that I would feel more comfortable talking with a Howard family member than just someone in the phone book. No! I think that it would be another great way to interact.
Please contact Ric Howard at or 10857 Amherst Ave. #302; Wheaton, MD 20902-4348, to voice your comments on this or for any other ideas, suggestions or comments.
The HFA Web Site Committee, along with the Committee Leaders, will continue to come up with ideas to make the Howard Family Association Web Site beneficial for all Howard family researchers.
Thank You,
Ric Howard
Howard Family Association, Webmaster

Responsibilities of the Membership Committee
The Membership Committee shall have the responsibility of maintaining membership records of the organization, and to find ways to attract new members.  Membership committee members shall be assigned different tasks to accomplish these goals.
*Report from the Membership Committee*
The Membership Committee would like to report that there are now 121 members of the Howard Family Association.
Responsibilities of the Newsletter Committee
Each Newsletter Committee Volunteer is assigned a section of the Newsletter, in which he or she will collect, compile and submit information to the editor for placement in the Newsletter.  The Newsletter is a quarterly publication in which HFA Members can share information with other HFA Members.  
Responsibilities of the Reunion Committee
The Reunion Committee will plan the HFA Annual Reunion.  They will find a central location for which the reunion is to be held and coordinate all activities for the reunion.
*Report from the Reunion Committee*
Check out the Reunion Web Site for more information on the Reunion, go to   
We will be holding an auction at the picnic during the Howard Family Reunion, so everyone needs to bring an item that would be sold at a yard sale or white elephant sale for us to action off. The funds will be used to help pay for the Howard Family Association expenses, which occur during the year. If enough is made, we will use what we can for next years reunion. If any member of the HFA has any comments or questions about the Reunion, please contact one of us.
Ric Howard
Jen Bailey

Responsibilities of the History Committee
The History Committee volunteer may be asked to maintain files, organize family sheets, keep a card index of all Howard descendants and their spouses, compile and write biographical records, family histories and personal histories of Howard progenitors and descendants, and help with the Howard lineage book to be published by the family organization.
*Report from the History Committee*
Greetings Howard family!
The History Committee will be working on separating and tracing the Howard family(ies). I know this sounds like an incredible job (and it is) but I'm sure that with everyone’s help, we can do it. What I need from everyone is an updated version of your GEDCOM files. I can't follow anything if I don't have it. Also, I'd like to begin work on that Howard family book that Ric mentioned earlier. That will take a miracle to do but I think a little bit at a time is better than none at all. If you have links to your genealogy sites, please let Ric know so that he can post them and we all can view them ourselves. Also, if there are any "Howard Legends" floating around out there...I'd love to hear about them. I think that'd make an interesting read, don't you?
Thanks for your support!
Nancy Howard Ford
Marietta, GA
Responsibilities of the Fundraising Committee  (Coordinator Needed)
The Fund-Raising Committee is responsible for generating ideas to raise funds for the Association expenses. Once the fund-raising activities have been agreed upon this committee plans, coordinates and implements the various projects.
*Report from the Fundraising Committee*
The Fundraising Committee has begun setting up to receive recipes for the Howard Family Cookbook. There has been an email created to send your recipe(s). Recipes can be submitted to or mail them to:
HFA Cookbook Recipes
c/o Robin Howard Lowery
200 Greenview Court
Bonaire, GA 31005
When submitting recipes, please include all directions, ingredients, and who you want the recipe in the name of or "In Memory of".
Deadline for recipes will be May 14, 1999. So please submit your recipes as soon as you can. To find out more about the Howard Family Cookbook,
visit on our Web Site. We will accept recipes, helpful tips, ingredient substitution, measurement conversion, or any other submission we have not thought of.
Please join in on the Howard Family Cookbook and send you recipes today. Feel free to tell your relatives. We have estimated the Howard Family Cookbook to be sold from $6.00 to $7.00 each. We will start taking orders on June 1, 1999 to be sent out in early July.
If you have any questions, please contact us at any time by email or writing to the address above. We are looking forward to making this the best Howard Family Cookbook possible.
Ric Howard
Robin Howard Lowery
~~~~ Treasurer’s Report ~~~~
Balance as of 28 Jan 1999…………………$199.78
Donations received 1 Jan - 1 Feb 1999…..$  20.00
Bank service charge.............................….$    5.00
Other transactions.................................... $000.00
Balance on hand as of 10 March 1999...…$214.78

~ Howard Family Announcements ~
If you have a Howard Family Announcement (Birth, Death, Anniversary, Wedding, Graduation or other) please send to Judy Howard, e-mail her at
Georgia Brown Howard's 100th birthday  on June 28, 1998 was celebrated at the Elks in Danville, Illinois.  Fifty-two family members flew in from all over the U.S. to celebrate this great occasion.  She was born  June 28, 1898 at Homer, Illinois, to William O. Brown and Blanche Johnson Brown. She married Mark C. Howard, January 3l, 1918 in Danville, Illinois.  Georgia has 3 daughters, 10 Grandchildren and 23 Great Grandchildren. submitted by Mary M. Howard Ellis, oldest daughter. < >
·         Happy Anniversary goes out to Floyd and Deanna (Howard) Dyer on March 17th.
·         A special birthday wish goes out to Deanna Lynne Howard-Dyer on March 29th.
~ Down Memory Lane ~
If you have a Howard Family Story or any other interesting items concerning a Howard Family please send to Dana Rambler at
Being the avid history fanatic when asked by a fellow "Howardonian" if I would accept a transmitted copy of an original letter written by her uncle, I readily accepted.
The letter was written by a soldier fighting in Germany during WWII. His name is Daniel Thomas Howard III, b. 09/06/1926 in Eufaula, McIntosh Co., OK.  Wonderfully he is still alive!  Good for you Uncle Dan. I found his letter a gem in a historical nature, but fascinating as well.  I would love to hear some of his great “war” stories.
I began to wonder just how many Howard’s died or were prisoners of war or possibly even heroes of this war. War is such a devastating intrusion on families.  Not only do the soldiers pay a bitter price but the families for years to come may also confront any number of situations that may have been imposed on their lives due to war.
I was intrigued by the flavor of this letter. Uncle Dan had access to a typewriter and states that he is using this during his guard duty.  Allowing for typewritten errors, the expression and subject matter exposes insight to its author. He was from the OK/AR area, which at times seems to have a dialect of its own.  Having lived in the South all of my life, travelling quite extensively over the years, I’ve oftentimes heard remarks about the southern accent.  My mother insisted that the southern language (slang) not be used so I have avoided the ridicule of this—but have a certain pride in my own heritage and easily maintain my accent.
I so desperately try to imagine what this young man must have sounded like when in Germany.  I grin at the image of this young, naļve, mountain-speaking American in the midst of the German Army.  Not only would they have been confused by the unusual language, not being what they may have learned as “English”, but they may have been bewildered with the attempts at communication.  Maybe we should consider the idea of training all soldiers in an unusual dialect just to distract the enemy…
This humorous image was short lived as I began to that Uncle Dan was also so very far from home, so far from his family, fighting such a brutal war.  Once again the sorrowful images of so many lost consume my thoughts.
Wouldn’t it be great to come together as a united group, the Howard Family Association, and build our own small Howard Memorial to the fallen as well as the heroes of wars?  I propose that all those who have access to any information of Howard family members who have served submit this to me for an upcoming Down Memory Lane.  Not only would this be an interesting project for myself, but also could provide valuable information for the reader.  Please contribute some feedback to this concept.
I cannot begin to do justice to Sandy Fischer’s uncles’ letter; the original is wonderful on its own so I am enclosing the copy I received of the actual letter.  The second page was inadvertently missed so Sandy typed this and sent it at a later time.  I hope that you too will find it so valuable. 
Sandy has her own web site out there,, providing some information to her Howard family roots.  Her email address is   She is a genealogy enthusiast and a joy to correspond with. Thank you Sandy for sharing such a wonderful moment Down Memory Lane.
                                                                                                            Monday, October, 1, 46
                                                                                                                 Munich, Germany
Dear Mom and Happy,
Just a few lines to let you know that I am fine and I hope this tetter finds you the same, well how is things ther in Was hington, have you both been well, were having nice weather over here but I dont know how long it will last, Ihope it holds out because Im on GG uard tonight  and Idont want  it to be raining when Iget off. Idont have it so bad )hough Ihave a in side post and I only have to work four hrs out of tweenty four so that isnt to bad is it.
Mom did you hear about Sarah falling and breaking her ankle she also cut a big place in her knee she said she got off of the bus and walked about a half abloock and tripped and fell/ boy at the trouble we have there is always something happing to u s, the baby is walking now  Sarah siad he was sure cute boy  Iwould  give any thing to see all of you  But it wont be long  until I can see all of yyu.
Happy how is things with you take it easy and dont work to hard, and drink a couple of Beers for me boy,  I wish I was home wi th my wi fe, Well Happy tonight is Thursday I had to stop writing  Monday night  so Ithought I would finish tonight so dont get mad if this is a short letter because I am very sleepy tonight,
Happy the reason I stoped writing the other night is because we had some trouble on my post  you see the xxxxx x  xxx  officers live right by the Fianance Office and that is my post and Monday night I was setting in the Office writting to you all at noce I hear a gun fire so I jumps up and takes my rifle and runs out to the front gate t o see what was going on,  Ihear a Officer shout to a German xxx  civilan man to halt,the Officer had come out of his place and started to get in hi s car he seen the guy trying to steel something out of his car he tells him to halt and the guy takes off so the officer starts shooting at xx him, over t me he would tell the guy to halt he would shoot at him he only had a 25 pistol I seen he was in trouble and needed help so when I get xxxx  out to the front gate they were just going past the gate so I yells to the guy to halt or I would let him have it but he just keep on going so Icut down on him and my bullet stops him it takes him in the back and comes out his stomich,the Officer tells me to stop shooting that Ihad got the guy I runs on out tox where the Officer was standing over the guy' I looked at him and thin run back into the office  and called the M,P,s they came and took him to the hosp, but it dident do any
good he died in a hour and a half after they got him to the hosp I dident want to shoot him but that was my duty, so I had to do it.
            My company comander told me that I did a dam good job and to do it xxxx again
ifIhad to, Idid it in the line of duty so I dont even get a court marshal for doing it xxx Mom dont worry about it.
            I guess you are getting tired of listening to all of that so I had better close and get some sleep so answer soon in a long letter, so be good and dont do anything I wouldnt do,
Danny Howard
(**note** The x's are the author’s cross-over of typo errors.)
~ Members Share ~
If you have any obituaries, family bible pages, newspaper articles, censuses or other items that you think would be of interest, please send to Shay Turner at
**SPARTA ITEMS (Of Fifty Years Ago)--By Burton D'Herron, Mt. Vernon, Ohio**
Jesse Howard came from Virginia bringing a blind nag which got loose a few days after arriving, and returned to its home in Virginia alone.
He had three sons, Jessie Jr., Elias and Joseph.  Jesse Jr. was born in Virginia. His wife was Mary Burns, born in Peru.  He came to Mt. Vernon when six years old.  They had two children, Benjamin and Emily.  The former was born in 1837 and was but two years when his father died.  In 1858, he married Lydia Tims, born in 1837 who was the daughter of James (1803) and Sarah Cook (1801) Tims, who came from New Jersey in 1839.  Benjamin and Lydia had four children, Luther B., Clarence, Jessie B., and Essie E.  Emily Howard born in 1832 married J. Casper Swetland in 1854.  Their children were Henry Ward, William Hoy, Avarilla Baker and Alzina Beers.
Elias Howard was born in 1819 and lived 85 years.  His wife was Mary Evans whose father was Joseph.  They reared six children: Madison, who migrated to Iowa; Esther who remained single; Kate, who married Henry Ramey; Susan who became the wife of John Hall and had two children: Jerusha, wife of Wediah Chase, and James; and Martha who wed B.W. Chase and reared Blanch Tarbil and Plimpton B.; and Rachel, wife of Jacob Beers, who had four children, Emory, Elizabeth James, Millie Fisher and Essie Wilson.
Joseph Howard in 1796 wed Mary Bowers, who died in 1867.  They had 16 children and reared 11:  Henry (1819), Martha (1797), James (1799), Elias (1803), Susan (1801), Jessie (1806), Jerry (1812), Joseph (1814), Calvin (1824), William (1822), and John W. (1817).
Henry was born in 1818 and in 1841 married Ann Throckmorton, who was born in 1819.  She was the daughter of John D. and Lena Davis Thomas.  They had four children: Lena Searl, Ella Nye, Eliza Runnells and John Morgan who wed Sadie Powell in 1875.
John W. Howard wed Mary James.  They had six children Mitchell, a soldier; Benjamin; Rockwell; Esther wife of John Sellers; Davis who married Ella Hall and migrated to Topeka, Kansas; and Morgan whose wife Mary was a daughter of Dan and Susan Potts.
William Howard in 1867 wed for his second wife Hannah Powell Evans, widow of Benjamin W. Evans, a soldier who died in 1864.  They had two children, Minnie who married Leslie Sears; and Alfred whose wife was Mattie Carpenter.
William Howard and his first wife reared five children, Wesley whose wife was Margaret Gardner; Marion who wed Minerva Salisbury daughter of Ira and Hannah James; Jean Griffith; Nelson; and Elizabeth who became the wife of Encil Main.
Hannah Howard and her first husband, B.W. Evans, to whom she was married in 1849, were the parents of Maria J. Evans born in 1861, who became the wife of Byram Thomas Jinkins.
Submitted by Jen Bailey < >
~ Query Section ~
Need help finding that certain elusive family member, send you queries to Paula Thompson at
·         Nicholas Sturm  in Philippi, West Virginia < >
Yes that is our only current connection to the surname Howard. Prudence was married to Simeon Everly, son of Casper (Gasper/Jasper) Everly. Casper apparently was at one time in Maryland.  He with wife Sarah, and one or two children probably moved into Monongalia Co. VA (but also  claimed by PA then) about 1767. Simeon said he was born in Cumberland (? County). Md.  Simeon probably married in Monongalia or adjacent Green County, Pa territory, perhaps twice, the last in about 1794 to Prudence Howard. Raised large family of about ten, said to have lived out their lives in Morgantown, VA. Have names of most children.
·         Harry Dell < >
      121 Rainbow Drive, Suite # 2127
      Livingston TX 77399-1021
My great great grandmother Mahala (HOWARD) RATLIFF THURSTON (twice widowed) was last known to be in Peoria IL 1862. I have lost contact with her, but have recently been told that a Mahala J. Thurston married 3 Jul 1871 to a Harvey Ferrel in DuPage county, Illinois, license 4952 V8. Could some kind soul tell me if she was listed as a widow? or where she was living? She was reported as age 47 in the 1860 Peoria census ( could neither read nor write), so would be about 58 when married. TIA.
·         Wynnell Noelke in Austin, TX < >
The Howard in my family tree is:  Elizabeth Howard b. Abt. 1842 in TN; Married: John Noah Ratliff b. Abt. 1818 in NC. Elizabeth was probably his 2nd wife.
·         Cathie < >
I am a new genealogist and also new to the computer world and internet......I am trying to decide if I am from the same Howard line.  I have been told by others researching my tree that I am a descendent of Matthew Howard born in England and died in Virginia approx. April 1659  and spouse of Ann Hall and son of English born John Howard (spouse of Elizabeth Lock).  Is there anyway you can help me? Thanks.
·         Patricia Dodd Greathouse < >
      1502 Nottingham Drive
      Phenix City, AL 36867-1941
LOOKING FOR PARENTS OF ANDREW JACKSON HOWARD....Looking for the parents of Andrew Jackson Howard born 23 March 1865 (prob. Muscogee Co.) GA died 26 Feb. 1938 Phenix City, AL, buried Girard Cemetery, AL, married Josie Smith 26 June 1884.  Andrew Jackson's father was born VA and mother was born in GA. 
In 1870 Muscogee Co., GA P. O. Columbus:
     Howard Pomelia 25 age , keeping house, b. GA
     Howard, Charles 17 age, works in Cotton factory, b. GA
     Howard, Andrew J. 05 age, b. GA
  In 1880 Russell , AL Girard Beat #1:
     Collins, John  M. 38 age, retail grocer, b. GA
     Collins, Sarah e. 27 age, wife, b. GA
     Collins, William 10 age, son, b. AL
     Howard, Pamala 39age, sister-in-law, b. GA, Neuralgia
     Howard, Andrew 15 age, brother-in-law, hauls wood, b. GA
     Howard, George 22 age, brother-in-law, Cotton mill, b. GA
This is all the information that I have on this family.  Any connections, links, information will be greatly appreciated.
Also looking for Benjamin HOWARD and Alice BOLON who were married by the Rev. B. T. Lubler on 12th Sept. 1844.  Benjamin lived in GA and may have been born in VA.  Joseph Henry HOWARD, son of the above, died  on 11th Jan 1848.  
Other Children: Lived in Russell Co., AL in 1880 Census
 Pomelia HOWARD b. abt 1840-1841 GA
 Charles  HOWARD b. abt 1853 GA
 Andrew Jackson HOWARD b. 23 March 1865 GA
 George HOWARD b. abt 1858 GA
Any links, information, etc. will be greatly appreciated.
·         Tudie Alsbury  < >
I am looking for information for MOSES HOWARD, he was born May 4, 1827 SC and died July 28, 1897 and is buried in Tuttle Cemetery, Guadalupe County, Texas. He was married to SUSAN A/SARAH ANN WAGGONER/WAGNER of Georgia, July 1, 1852 in Guadalupe County. He is listed in CSA Company K 36th Texas Cavalry.  I would appreciate any information regarding his family in South Carolina, or if he or his family moved to Alabama. His parents names, any  siblings, etc. Thank you for any assistance.
·         Nila Combs < >
I would like to submit Abraham Howard b. 8 Mar 1811 in Jeff erson, Somerset Co. PA.  Died 10 Mar 1886 in DeSoto, Jackson Co. IL.   Wife & children also born in Jeff erson, Somerset, PA. Wife was Mary Ann b. 3 Dec 1823 & d. 3 Jul 1908. Believed to be PA Dutch, attended Lutheran Church.  Children were David, Peter, Phillip, Sarah, John, Henry, and Catherine.  Another researcher believes he may have been the father of Abraham B. Howard, by a first marriage.     Seek ancestry.    Thank you.
·         < >
I am looking for James S. (Searcy?) Howard b. 1819 Butler County, KY., m. Margaret Wand James Oct. 26/28, 1841. Parents of James S. may have been: John Bridges Howard, b. Jun 23, 1790 and Harriet Searcy, b. Dec 6, 1795.  James S. Howard was indicted for horse thievery in 1867.  He may have married Priscilla(Percilla) Covington Aug. 18, 1867.  They may have had son, Robert F. born 1869 (?). Margaret Wand James Howard (b. Feb 24, 1827) was married again to George Doolin on Sept. 16, 1868. She, however, is buried in Morgantown, Butler Co., KY.,   her tombstone reading: Margaret W. Howard, Wife of J. S. Howard. Children of Margaret Wand James and James S. Howard were:  Elizabeth Zimrude (Zimrood) Howard b. about 1845;         John Woodville Howard b. 1848/49; Addison A. Howard b. about 1851; Laura V. Howard b. about 1854; Viola A. Howard b. 1856 and d. 1924; and Algernon James (or James Algernon) Howard b. about 1858.  I would be so grateful to hear from anyone with any of these connections.  Thanks.
·         Sandy Demasters < >
      10617 Charlene Drive
      Fairdale, KY  40118-9315
Searching for information on Thomas Franklin Howard born 1813 in Kentucky.  He married Margaret Sheets on 29 October 1840, possibly around Hardin County, Kentucky.  Thomas Howard died in Ennis, Texas (year unknown).  They had at least one son, Henry Clinton Howard, born 1843 in Hardin County, KY.  Henry married Sarah Jackson in 1868 in Hardin County, KY.
·         PJ Howard in Daphne, AL  < >
Interested in any information re. James Howard,b.1796,Ga.,married Nancy Stephens,had two children in Ga.,William B., and Nancy, moved to Conecuh Cty.,Al. abt. 1818,Nancy died abt.1848? ,and James died 1863 in Al. James came from area of Milledgeville and Nancy supposedly a cousin of Alexander Hamilton Stephens.  Many Thanks.
·         Rhonda < >
I'm in search of my husband's fourth gr-grandfather - John HOWARD who married Lavina HARRIS.  Don't have any locations or dates on them but they did have two sons, Jahaza HOWARD and Joseph HOWARD born in the late 1780s in Manchester, Vermont and both died in Ellisburg, New York.  Any information would be appreciated. 
·         Judy Zervas < >
HOWARDS  NY>WI>MN --- I am looking for NY Howards.  I have three that I think are brother and sisters: John Howard b. 1814 NY; living 1860 Watertown, Jeff erson, WI with Clarissa's family Clarissa Amelia Howard b. 21 Feb 1818 Madison, NY m. 18 Apr 1838 to Wm H. Nelson d. 27 Jan 1887 Alexandria, Douglas, MN.  Helen Howard b. 1835 NY; living 1850 Watertown, Jeff erson, WI with Clarissa's family.  I'm afraid I don't have any more than that.  I have no further information on John or Helen except the one time they each appeared with Clarissa and Wm Nelson's family in the Census in WI.  I have tried to obtain information in Madison Co., NY with no luck.  There was a John Howard about the right age to be the father in Madison Co., but his will/probate doesn't match with these people. Thank You.
·         Paula Howard Thompson < >
I am looking for John Howard and Mary/Margaret Curlee/Curley that died in Memphis, Tn. 1878/79 leaving a son Edward Paul Howard. Also looking for William Howard that married Amelia Hungerford in Memphis, Shelby County, TN in 1858. Thank you for your help. 

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